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USBR is an internet based organization, and as such, the vast majority of all business will be handled via e-mail and web-based exchange of information.

Volume 12, Issue 3 - - - - - - - July - September, 2009

Clark Rifles, Inc.

It was hot with a little breeze. Turn out is getting better. We would have a much larger turn out of shooters if we shot our matches on weekends, but our range gets tied up with matches and our members want to time to shoot.

During the week we mostly get retired people. We have several that work, but find a way to get off for an hour or so to shoot. But we still get and average of about 8 shooters a week.

Bob Kadow

22LR RIFLES SCORES    7/2/2009  7/9/2009  7/16/2009  7/23/2009  


Bob Kadow                                                                                                       

Bob Cruden                             218/3x   201/2x     204/1x                               

Mike Saunders                         219/3x                  226/7x          227/5x                      

Bud Lawry                               188/0x                  231/5x          227/4x                      

Lauritis Dixon                           224/4x                  198/0x                              

Rich Bumgardner                                                  215/1x          206/1x                      


Bob Kadow                                                                                                        

Bud Lawry                               207/0x   244/4x     223/2x           216/3x                     

Mike Saunders                         216/1x                   213/2x          226/4x                     

Rich Bumgardner                                                  228/3x          238/7x                     

Mike Maffucci                          240/9x                  236/7x          222/0x                     

Bob Smith                                223/2x                                                                                                                                 

Bob Cruden                             168/0x                                                


Bob Kadow                                                                                                        

Bud Lawry                               223/4x    229/6x    230/3x           215/4x                     

Bob Cruden                             221/4x                                                

Rich Bumgardner                                                  210/0x           232/8x                     

Bob Smith                                225/1x                                                

Mike Maffucci                          238/7x    238/7x                         236/7x                     

Mike Saunders                         214/2x                   217/3x          220/3x                     


Mike Saunders                         649/6x                   656/12x        673/12x           

Bud Lawry                               618/4x                   684/9x          658/11x                   

Rich Bumgardner                                                  653/4x          676/16x                   

Bob Cruden                             607/7x                                                


Bud Lawry                               199/0x                   214/2x                              

Bob Cruden                                                          226/3x                              

Mike Saunders                         230/4x                   226/3x           227/3x                     

Bud Lawry                                                                                208/0x                     

Shelby Kenoyerr                                    177/3x     160/1x                               

Lauritis Dixon                                                       214/2x                              


RIFLE SCORES               7/2/2009   7/9/2009   7/16/2009     7/23/2009 


Bob Kadow                                                                                                    

Don Gartin                               218/2x                   184/0x                              


Bob Kadow                                                                             237/2x


Bob Kadow                                                                             234/1x

Don Gartin                               201/0x                  177/0x                                                                                                           


Chuck Fox                                                                                                       

Mike Saunders                         181/0x                  184/0x                               

Roger Baxter                           182/0x                                                 

Don Gartin                              179/0x                   183/1x                               

22LR PISTOL            7/2/2009    7/9/2009    7/16/2009    7/23/2009                             


Bob Kadow                 225/5x                              222/2x         218/1x           

Lauritis Dixon               201/3x        174/1x                               


Bob Kadow                 228/3x                              218/1x         226/1x          


Bob Kadow                                                                            211/1x           


Bob Kadow                                                                            655/3x          


 We have had a rather slow turn out.  Weather has been really nice for our last two shoots.  For the last 3 days the temperature has been 100+.  Dennis in Eugene , I believe, has been about the same.  It is HOT.  Looking forward to shooting on Thursday and it is suppose to be around 105.  Bob Kadow

Emerald Empire Gun Club

 July Match Scores

Today’s episode of As The Powder Burns is an odd mixture of weather, traffic jams and one of the last great gatherings of hippies left on planet earth. As the Match Director loaded the truck with all of the gear required for himself and Mrs. Match Director needed for the days USBR and IR50/50 match he realized that his route to the range would also take him past the Oregon Country Fair.  For 40 years hippies, “Dead Heads”, fairy dusters and free spirits have gathered here for one weekend a year to celebrate the cultural revolution. 10,000 people a day in tie dyed clothes, body paint, costumes and clapped out VW Micro Busses clog the only two lane highway leading in to the range. There’s nothing like following a flower covered exhaust belching micro bus for ten miles as it struggles to maintain 40 miles per hour on flat ground to put you in the proper mood to shoot something!

  Once at the range things looked much better, the winds were only slightly gusty and the sky was a uniform gray overcast, excellent! This rather stable condition remained for the whole IR50/50 match and we shot some respectable scores. At the lunch break the Match Director noted that it was becoming a bit warm and the sky was beginning to lighten up a bit. By the time lunch was over the sky was clear and the sun was in full force, as was the mirage. A quick look down range through his rifle scope confirmed his fears, the mirage had gotten so bad that the thin inner scoring rings had become invisible; all that remained was the green shimmering blob of the fat 8 ring dancing around. Chasing that blob around proved to be more than our shooters could handle and the scores certainly show that. Perhaps the Match Director should have tried those mushrooms that the guy in the VW micro buss was selling! Dennis DiFeo, MD


                                 Sporter                       Custom                       Unlimited

Leo Aregian              210 0X                       204 0X                         203 0X

Dennis DiFeo            221 1X                       242 6X                         234 2X

Melisa Monson         214 1X                       222 3X                         237 1X

Fred Stevens             207 1X                       202 0X                        201 1X



Angelina Rifle & Pistol Club

July Match Scores


Here we go, I got to the results a little sooner this month.  We had a good turn out for it to be so hot.  We had 14 shooters who shot 28
targets. Here are the results:

* Indicates a Junior Class Shooter

Plinker Class                                                     
217      Jay Judge                            
198      Bradley Baker       
205     Jenna Skinner*        

Sporter Class
223      Jenna Skinner*        
221       Jay Judge                                 
216       Charles Bailey                         
208       Bradley Baker           
203      Rhiannon Quick*       

Custom Class
238     Carl Ferguson 

234     Charles Bailey             

231     Charlie Free

212     Mitch Hogg* 

197     Emily Hogg*  


Unlimited Class
233     Harry Berry                        
229     Carl Ferguson                  
227     Charles Bailey                    
216     Jenna Skinner*        
209     Mitch Hogg*         

202     Emily Hogg*             

High Aggregate         Charles Bailey      216+234+227=677

High Overall Score         Carl Ferguson    238  16-10s

Cash Cans
Charlie Free, Carl Ferguson, and Harry Berry

Door Prizes
Jenna,Bradley. Mitch,Carl and Charles

Jay shot the first two relays and took off to Round Rock to see one of our old shooters Stan.  We told him to tell him hello from everyone.  We
are losing another shooter, Charles Bailey said he was retiring from competition because of health reasons.  He sold his guns to some of the
other shooters, but said he would be out to watch and pester us still. We are going to miss him beating up on us.  Our next match is August 8'th and I'm sure it will be hot!  Hope to see everyone and until then-keep it in the 10.     Rusty Hogg


Braxton County Gun Owners

W.V. State RF/CF Match Results


The match went very well with the Rimfire event starting off in the morning and the centerfire in the afternoon...


The morning started off with conditions pretty easy but progressed into another Braxton County wind fest. The chances of any Rimfire records being                            set were diminishing right before this directors eyes. However the shooters played the game as best they could and enjoyed there visit with us. It was                       good to have a number of successful shooters from the other Rimfire games. Congrats to my friends Alton, Johnny, Lele, Blaine, James and Jack.

The afternoon had settled down some in conditions and if nothing else we shall call it a readable wind with a twitch. Randy Gibson Had came to Braxton that morning with one thing in mind raise the bar in hunter class and set a new record. That he done and done in style with a hunter rifle that had been built right and had been rocking all spring and summer. Congrats to two of this match directors long time friends Ashley and Mike for winning there classes and congrats to the rest of the crowd for making them two fellows earn every inch of it.........

 LW Moore Reporting

USBR Centerfire Director


Centerfire Match Results

Comp. name            Class           Score     Placement

Ashley Carr                UL             242 3x      1

Floyd Cline                Cus             240 5x      2

Dave Farrar               Cus             235 3x      4

Johnnie Johnson         UL              234 5x      2

Kendall Francis         Cus             230 2x       6

Braxton Harter          Cus             232 3x      5

Lele Rose                  Cus            215 2x       8

Randy Gibson            Hunter        238 8x       1

Chad Turner              UL             232 5x       3


Comp. name           Class            Score      Placement

Floyd Cline               Fac             210            1

Dale Lynch              Cus             228 2X       7

Mike Hibbs             Cus             243 6X        1

Kendell Francis       UL              230 3X        4

Braxton Harter        Fac             187              2

Jeff McKenzie        Hunter         137 1X         2

Joe Jarrell                UL              DNF     

Chad Turner            Cus            238 6X        3


Equipment List

NAME          ACTION        STOCK            SCOPE          BARREL     GUNSMITH    CAL.

Carr              Panda             Meredith          Weaver           Rock Creek     Rose              30BR

Gibson         Rem                McMillan         Weaver           Rock Creek     Goodling       30 Grendel

Francis        Panda                                       Leupold           Krieger            Turner           6-PPC

Francis        Panda                                       Leupold           Krieger           Turner            30BR

Lynch          Stolle                 Six                  Leupold           Bartlein          Lynch             6PPC

Turner         Farley            McMillan          Leupold            Shilen            Turner            6PPC

Turner         Stolle             McMillan          Leupold            Shilen            Turner            30BR

Farrar          Stolle               Kelbly               Weaver           Krieger           Powell            6PPC

Johnson      Farley           Leonard              March             Rock Creek   Goodling        30BR

Harter         Panda            McMillan            Leupold          Shilen            Turner            6PPC

Harter         Savage             Sav.                  Leupold           Sav.                  Sav.              6BR

Cline            Bat                 Leonard             Leupold           Krieger           Arnette          6PPC

Cline            Savage             Sav.                 Weaver              Sav.                Sav.              223 Rem

Jarrell         Stolle              McMillan           Weaver           Bartlein           Jones             30BR

Hibbs         Stolle                                          Weaver           Shilen            Hibbs/Rose    6PPC

Rose            Rem                 Rem                  Sightron          Douglas         Taylor             222 Rem

McKenzie    Win                Win                  Weaver              Win               Win                30-06



Rimfire Match Results

Shooters Name       Sporter        Custom      Unlimited       .17 cal.

Joe Jarrell                                      234 4x        233 3x      

Lonnie Staton                                225 3x       239 3x      

Mike Hibbs                                   221                                 193

L G Rose                   236 2x        231            221 2x       

James Deem              215 1x        245 5x       241 4x      

Carl Boise                 223 2x        244 4x       239 4x      

Cole Cyrus                203             231 3x        225 2x         195

Blaine Cyrus              185            230 1x        228 4x          211 1x

Ed Collier                                                       223 1x                  

Randy Gibson            231                     

Johnnie Johnson         211 1x                         

Jack Phillips               227             236 5x        244 6x         197

Buddy Baker             220             236 5x        243 6x         207 2x

Alton Altizer               215 1x        244 7x       245 5x         208

Johnny Robinson        227            245 5x        244 4x          213

Jeff McKenzie                              233 5x        237 2x      

Dale Lynch                                   224 3x        232 1x      

Mart Cunningham                         242 4x        236  

Ben Cunningham                           238 7x       239 2x      

Ashley Carr                219 2x      


Equipment List

Competitor                 Action      Barrel         Stock         Scope          Gunsmith

Joe Jarrell                   Anschutz      Lilja           Metric        Storey              Calfee

Lonnie Staton              Ans 54       Douglas     Lee 6          Sightron            Calfee

Mike Hibbs                  Rem           Rem           Rem          Luepold             Rem

L G Rose                       Cz             Cz              Cz          Weaver T-24

James Deem                Win 52        Fac             Fac          Weaver              Win

Carl Boise                                                

Cole Cyrus                  Cz452        Cz               Cz           Tasco               Factory

Blaine Cyrus                 Brno          Brno           Fac          Truglo               Factory

Ed Collier                   Turbo          Shilen       McMillan    Sightron 36       Kc young

Randy Gibson               Rem           Fac             Fac         B&l 24x        

Johnnie Johnson            Rem           Rem           Rem         B&L                 Rem

Jack Phillips                  Rem 40x    B /mark      Stint       Leupold              Davis

Buddy Baker                Uld             b/mark       Stitis      Leupold              Davis

Alton Altizer                 Turbo         Lilja           Mckin      Burris                Calfee

Johnny Robinson          Anschutz     Fac            Fac          Burris  

Jeff McKenzie              Anshultz    Douglas        ?            Leupold             Simmons

Dale Lynch                   40x           Krieger         ?           Weaver              Self

Mart Cunningham        Turbo         Lilja        Mcmillan     Leupold             Calfee

Ben Cunningham         2013           Lilja        Mcmillan     Leupold             Calfee

Ashley Carr             Anshultz    Anschutz         Fac          Leupold              Fac




A beautiful day in Alabama, with very mild temps for mid July in the Deep South. We got off to a smooth start with a slightly smaller turnout than last month, but with weather this nice I bet a lot of family time and yard work got took care of today. Barry, Bart and Tim all walked away with the knives and Dick's Gift  Certificates congratulations guys!! I would like to thank Bart Harkins for building our new Target Stands they work great and are a breeze to setup and take down,  they are just what we needed. Our next match is Aug. 15'th setup is at 7:30 we shoot at 8:00, I hope to see you there. "T" Tony G. N.A.S.A. U.S.B.R. M.D./R.O., U.S.B.R. National Web Admin. Reporting




ELEVATION 515.3 ft.




WINDS SWITCHING FAST 360, AVG 3.1mph, GUST 17.2mph


Sporter Class

229-2X Barry Holmes CZ American, Weaver GS 6-20X, Lapua Master L

225-1X Willie Rhodes, CZ American, Weaver T-36, Lapua Master L

224-1X Tim Blacklidge, CZ American, Weaver V-16, Lapua Midas L

219-0X Bradly Degroote, Sako Quad, BSA Platinum 36, Eley Match

216-3X Ray Carpenter, Anshutz 54, Leupold 6.5X20X, SK Match

216-0X Danny Creasy, Kimber Hunter, Weaver V-16, Eley TeneX

216-0X Bart Harkins, CZ American, Leupold 6-18X, Lapua

209-0X Tony Gilmore, CZ American, BSA Plat.-36X, Eley Club

205-2X Anedra Gilmore, CZ American, BSA Plat.-36X, Eley Club

203-1X Paul Enlow, CZ American, Mueller 4.5-14X, Federal Gold Medal 711b

192-1X Peary Willard, Kimber 82, Barska 6.5-20X, Lapua Master L

128-0X Peter Justinius, CZ American, Millett 4-16X, Remington Golden Bullet

Custom Class

239-4X Bart Harkins, Anshutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Midas

234-3X Barry Holmes, Anshutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Center X

230-1X Tony Gilmore, 40X Voodoo Custom, Weaver T-36, Eley Match

219-4X Willie Rhodes, CZ Varmint Barska 8-32, Lapua Master L

214-2X Danny Creasy, Ruger 77/22, Weaver T36, SK Pistol

211-1X Anedra Gilmore, 40X Voodoo Custom, Weaver T-36, Eley Match


234-3X Tony Gilmore, Suhl 150, Weaver V-24, Eley Match

231-2X Barry Holmes, Winchester 52, Weaver T-36, Lapua Midas +

226-3X Jack Keenum, Kimber 82G, Weaver T-36, SK Std.+

226-2X Anedra Gilmore, Suhl 150, Weaver V-24, Eley Match

210-0X Jim Watson, H&R M12, Simmons 20X, SK Std+


694-7X Barry Holmes (AVG. 231.33~)

673-4X Tony Gilmore (AVG. 224.33~)

642-5X Anedra Gilmore (AVG. 214)

I would also like to wish TEAM N.A.S.A. the best of luck and safe travel to Camp Perry next week at the National CMP Sporter Match. Good Luck Yall!!! "T"

Emerald Empire Gun Club

 August Match Scores


 We had a beautiful day for our semi-auto only match, mid 70’s, light breezes and sunny, what else could you ask for? We had a wide variety of….10/22s! With the exception of one Remington Nylon 66 everyone else was shooting a 10/22! We had stock carbines, bull barrels, stainless barrels, red barrels, yes bright red, long barrels, short barrels, wood stocks, plastic stocks, and laminated stocks. Half of the guns were customized with assorted bolt on accessories of one kind or another and a few had more aftermarket parts on them than factory parts, on one of the  guns only the receiver and the clip could still be claimed by Ruger. If Ruger could somehow gather up all of the parts left over from all this customizing and reuse them they could save a fortune in manufacturing costs. Everyone did pretty well on the first two targets at 25 yards, things became much more interesting at the 50 yard mark, especially for the Factory class guns. More than a few times while scoring it was hard to figure out which bullet hole went with which bullseye on the target. Our next semi-auto match will be Oct. 10th. following the IR50/50 matches. Sign ups at noon, shooting at 1PM sharp.




   Factory Class                                 25yds          25yds          50yds          50yds

Gib Scott                                   231 3X        226 6X        193 1X        197 1X

Bob Tews                                  185 0X        197 0X         127 0X        125 0X

Dave Caffey                               214 0X        208 0X         172 1X        179 1X

Clay Grande                               181 2X        154 0X           77 0X         40 0X


Unlimited Class                          25 yds          25yds          50yds          50yds

Don Jacobson                           241 5X         239 6X        207 1X       191 1X

Jerry Snider                               243 6X         245 1X        216 0X       222 2X

August Khus                              232 5X         242 4X        212 0X       184 1X

Arlin Brewer                              236 4X         242 6X        216 1X       229 2X

Leo Aregian                               239 6X         241 4X        211 3X

Hope to see you in Oct.


 Clark Rifles Inc.

August Match Scores

22LR RIFLES SCORES          8/6/2009         8/13/2009         8/20/2009


Sporter Class


Mike Saunders                                                    226/4x               211/1x


Bud Lawry                                   206/2x                                        232/2x


Mike Maffucci                             213/2x                                    225/3x


Lauritis Dixon                                                                                  229/3x


Shelby Kenoyer                         194/0x


Walter Miller                                                                                    158/1x


Leonard Kleider                        218/1x


Rich Bumgardner                 224/2x              217/2x               226/2x


Custom Class                      8/6/2009           8/13/2009         8/20/2009


Bud Lawry                                       223/1x              231/3x             222/2x


Rob Skeens                                                   222/2x


Mike Saunders                                               233/3x             215/2x


Rich Bumgardner                      219/2x            226/1x              225/6x


Mike Maffucci                           229/6x            236/5x              213/1x


Leonard Kleider                       197/2x           


Tim Hayes                               161/0x             204/1x


Unlimited   Class                 8/6/2009         8/13/2009         8/20/2009


Bud Lawry                              225/3x             224/3x             230/4x


Rob Skeens                                                  220/3x


Rich Bumgardner                    238/7x             227/2x             237/6x


Mike Maffucci                        226/5x             235/1x


Tim Hayes                            197/4x             184/0x


Mike Saunders                                             220/3x             205/2x


3-Gun AGG Class              8/6/2009         8/13/2009         8/20/2009


Mike Saunders                                             679/8x


Bud Lawry                            654/6x                                    684/8x


Rich Bumgardner                  681/11x           670/5x               688/14


Mike Maffucci                       668/13x




Plinker Class                      8/6/2009         8/13/2009         8/20/2009


Mike Saunders                                            185/0x            186/0x




Sporter/Pistol                       8/6/2009         8/13/2009         8/20/2009


Bob Kadow                                                   214/3x              229/1x




Bob Kadow                            229/2x              235/6x              231/3x




Bob Kadow                            234/3x              230/3x              238/2x


3-Gun Agg


Bob Kadow                                                     679/12x            698/6x





August Match Scores

8-15-2009  50yd  .22 Rimfire U.S.B.R. Scores

Sporter Class

Willie Rhodes            236-5X (new club record)     CZ 452 American, Weaver T-36, Lapua Master L

Peary Willard             217-2X     Kimber 82, Barska Varmint 6.5-20X50, Lapua Master L


Custom Class

Barry Holmes            245-6X (new club record)     Anschutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Center X
Bart Harkins               237-3X       Anschutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Midas +


Unlimited Class

Gene Nobinger         216-1X     Savage Mark II, Tasco 6-24X40, SK Standard Plus






Braxton County Gun Owners Inc.


At there rifle range located in Flatwoods West Virginia held there last Rimfire Benchrest Match’s of this 2009 year. The traditional IR 50/50 match was ran in the morning and followed by the USBR match in the early afternoon. The afternoon conditions were the usual Braxton wind with the sun peeping in and out, however the temperature was a very comfortable 70s...This match director had the pleasure of hanging all the targets and range mastering all but one match...Mrs. Range Master keep all the stats as Uncle Mike Hibbs did all the scoring and none of the above mentioned got to fire a shot…However the shooters seemed pleased and all once again enjoyed there visit with us…LW Moore Reporting

Shooter                       Sporter        Custom     Unlimited


Mart Cunningham                              234 4x       236 3x

Ben Cunningham                               233            235 4x

Johnnie Johnson          217 1X         228 2x        233 1x

Randy Gibson              218 3X         231 6x        237 4x

Lele Rose                     227 3X        232 2x        232 3x

Johnnie Robinson        226 2X        243 6X       243 8X

Alton Altizer                  214 1X        244 3x        243 5x

Jack Phillips                 229 2X                           242 1x

Buddy Baker                215 5x         241 4x        243 6x

Wiley Westfall                                  237 2x        235 6x

Janet Westfall                                  240 5X       246 7X

Jeff McKenzie                                  226 2X       226 3X













Emerald Empire Gun Club


  Today’s episode of As the Powder Burns is an ordinary tale of ordinary people doing their best in an ordinary world.

  As fall rapidly approaches the pacific northwest the weather is becoming predictably unpredictable. One day 60’s and rain, the next near 90 degrees. Today was going to be one of the 90 degree ones our Match Director noted as he loaded up the truck with all the assorted gear required for he and Mrs. Match Director, who by the way was still in bed as he left for the range. By the time he stopped to pick up the doughnuts and got to the range to set up the target frames and clean the benches for the days IR50/50 and USBR matches the sun was already peeking up over the ridge and it was time to shed the sweatshirt he had donned in the wee hours before sun-up. By the time he had unloaded and set up all the gear for himself and his beloved Mrs. MD he was beginning to feel small bead of perspiration form on his brow as he sat down to enjoy the few minutes of silence left before shooting time arrived. As he was also assuming the duties of MD for the vacationing IR50/50 director he prepared the paperwork for both matches as the shooters began to arrive. Mrs. MD arrived soon to be followed by Jim and Linda from Albany. Jim has been laboring on a 10.5 gun and brought it out for today’s USBR Unlimited match, by the second target it was clear that something was amiss and he couldn’t finish. Back to the work bench. By the end of the day we were all hot and tired and not looking forward to leaving the covered firing line to pick up the flags and target frames we had so carefully laid out in the relatively cool morning air. Mrs. MD headed for home as the Match Director cleaned the guns and reloaded half a ton of gear back into the truck and fondly remembered his youth when all that he was required was a rifle and a few boxes of ammo to enjoy a day of shooting. It was at this time that he had a horrible though, “if the government keeps going the way it is someday I may have to try and cram all of this stuff into an electric Smart Car!”  It was on this thought that he hopped into his truck, turned the air conditioning to high and headed for home secure in the knowledge that at his age he’d probably be dead before they sucked the last drop of dinosaur juice from the earth anyway so why should he worry, besides, he had to get home and cook dinner for Mrs. MD.


                                                                            Unlimited 1             Unlimited 2             Unlimited 3

Jim Johnson                                            177 0X                      DNF                         DNF

Linda Johnson                                        222 2X                      203 0X                    200 1X

Dennis DiFeo                                          238 4X                      242 3X                    244 2X

Lisa Monson                                          232 1X                      243 2X                    238 5X


Dennis DiFeo MD


North Alabama Shooting Association Inc.




We were kind of short handed today, with the weather, bird season, and the TOT (Trail of Tears) that was to be expected. Never the less we squaded up into groups with who we had and shot a match, I think we were all off our game a bit today. We were lucky we had no rain and everything went off without a hitch, I hope to see allot more of our members next month for the Alabama State Championship. "T"

Sporter Class
230-1X_ Tony Gilmore, Savage MKII BV, Tasco WC-24X, Eley Match
229-5X _David Hollimon, CZ 452 American, Tasco 6-24, SK Match
229-2X _Willie Rhodes, CZ American, Weaver T-36, Lapua Center X
211-1X _Danny Creasy, Kimber Hunter, Weaver V-16, Wolf MT
196-1X _Anedra Gilmore, Savage MKII BV, Tasco WC-24X, Eley Biathlon Match

Custom Class
231-3X _Tony Gilmore, 40X Voodoo Custom, Weaver T-36, Eley Match
225-3X_ Bart Harkins, Anshutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Midas +
216-3X_ Willie Rhodes, CZ Varmint Barska 8-32, Lapua CenterX
212-2X _Anedra Gilmore, 40X Voodoo Custom, Weaver T-36, Eley Match

Unlimited Class
232-4X _Tony Gilmore, Suhl 150, Weaver V-24, Eley Match
215-0X _Anedra Gilmore, Suhl 150, Weaver V-24, Eley Match

Tony Gilmore_ 693-8X (231 avg)
Anedra Gilmore _623-X (207.6 avg)

Clark Rifles Inc.



.22 RIFLE CLASSES                                                             


Bud Lawry                      208/0x                 221/0x                218/0x              647/0x         205/0x

Rich Bumgardner           218/0x                 215/0x                228/4x              661/4x         211/0x

Leonard Kleider                                         225/0x                224/0x                                 218/0x     

Don Gartin                      188/0x                 223/0x                178/0x              589/0x         191/0x

Bob Cruden                     176/0x                 224/0x                178/0x              577/0x         207/0x



.22 RIFLE CLASSES                                                             


Bud Lawry                       234/4x                228/2x                224/1x              686/10x        224/2x

Rich Bumgardner            236/3x                205/4x                226/2x              667/9x          235/3x *         

Mike Maffuci                   193/2x                224/1x                                                            222/1x

Mike Saunders                 222/1x                208/1x               214/1x               644/3x         194/1x

Bob Cruden                      225/1x                                                         

Walt Miller                      149/0x                163/0x                198/0x               510/0x                    

Rob Skeens                                                235/1x                                              

Shelby Kenoyer                197/0x                                                         

* Denotes A new record, but score was cancelled as per $200 Clam Rule.

Match report from Mr. Bob Kadow. Clark Rifles Inc. MD

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