USBR Objective Statement: To provide a benchrest score-shooting format to be enjoyed by the widest possible spectrum of competitors. Range and equipment requirements are held to a minimum. Opportunities to compete will be provided for everyone from the novice to the expert.

USBR is an internet based organization, and as such, the vast majority of all business will be handled via e-mail and web-based exchange of information.

Volume 12, Issue 2 - - - - - - - April - June, 2009


Wow what a day!!! Well we did it we shot our first Sanctioned USBR Match and it went off without a hitch, with 7 strings, 18 shooters posting 27 scores. I would like to thank all the Scorers, Ro's, MD, Judges, Book keeper, everyone that made this possible, without such a dedicated group this would not be possible. We had personal best and a new Club Record set today Anedra out shot me in Sporter then shot her personal best in Custom with a score of 232-4X I shot my personal best and new Custom Class Club Record with a 242-4X and I think Gene set a personal best as well in Sporter. Congratulations to all on some fine shooting in hot humid conditions. Our next match will be July 18'th, setup is at 7:30am. "T"


ELEVATION 515.3 ft.
WINDS SWITCHING 360, AVG 2.7mph GUST 6.4mph


Sporter Class

228-3X Willie Rhodes, CZ American, Weaver T-36, Lapua Master L
227-3X Gene Nobinger, CZ Varmint, Tasco WC 6-24X, Eley Target
227-2X Tim Blacklidge, CZ American, Weaver V-16, Lapua Master M
226-2X Barry Holmes CZ American, Weaver GS 6-20X, Lapua Master M
223-2X Anedra Gilmore, Remington 512X, BSA Platinum 36X, Eley Club
222-1X Bradly Degroote, Sako Quad, BSA Platinum 36, Eley Match
219-3X Peary Willard, Kimber 82, Barska 6.5-20X, Wolf MT
213-3X Dave Hollimon, CZ American, Vortex 4-12X, SK Match
213-2X Tony Gilmore, Remington 512X, BSA Platinum 36X, Eley Club
209-3X Danny Creasy, CZ American, Tasco 36X, Wolf MT
207-0X Bart Harkins, CZ American, Leupold 6-18X, Lapua Midas X
206-1X Bob Baker, CZ American, Weaver GS 6-24X, Wolf MT
198-0X Steve Stone, CZ Ultra Lux, Weaver T36, Eley Match
194-0X Paul Enlow, CZ American, Mueller 4.5-14X, Federal Gold Medal 711b

Custom Class
242-4X Tony Gilmore, 40X Custom, Weaver T-36, Eley Match (NEW CLUB RECORD)
236-5X Barry Holmes, Anshutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Master M
232-4X Anedra Gilmore, 40X Custom, Weaver T-36, Eley Match
225-3X Bart Harkins, Anshutz MPR, Weaver T-36, Lapua Master L
222-1X Danny Creasy, Ruger 77/22, Weaver T36, SK std+
218-1X Willie Rhodes, CZ Varmint Barska 8-32, Lapua Master L
206-1X Gene Nobinger, Savage MKII, Tasco WC 6-24X, Wolf MT

234-2X Barry Holmes, Winchester 52 , Weaver T-36, Lapua Master L
227-4X Tony Gilmore, Suhl 150, Weaver V-24, Eley Match
221-3X Jack Keenum, Kimber 82G, Weaver T-36, SK Std.+
220-2X Morgan Keenum, Kimber 82G, Weaver T-36, SK Std.+
205-0X Jim Watson, H&R M12, Simmons 20X, SK Std+


696-9X Barry Holmes ( AVG. 232)
682-10X Tony Gilmore ( AVG. 227.33~)

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club

We had 15 shooters who shot 28 targets. It was a little warm but the fans made it bearable.

Charles Bailey and Jenna won the gift certificates to Bill"s. The Money cans were won by Charles, Charlie and Harry. Jay, Jenna, Mitch, Cecil and Bradley won all the door prizes. I think we had 8 shooters who shot Black Death targets and the speed shoot. Carl won the Black Death and I can't remember who won the Speed Shoot.

Next months match is on July 11. Its probably gonna be HOT. We will have plenty of refreshments and the fans going. Hope to see everyone and remember keep it in the 10.

Rusty Hogg

Plinker Class                            Jrs.
Jay Judge          207                   Jenna Skinner    194
Bradley Baker      172                  
Carl Rosenberger   163
Sporter Class
Bradley Baker      208                   Jenna Skinner    223
Charles Bailey     203                   Rhiannon Quick   205
Steve Quick               
Custom Class
Carl Ferguson      238 4-Xs 15-10s       Jenna Skinner    215
Cecil Brewer       229                   Mitchell Hogg    190
Charlie Free       228
Unlimited Class
Harry Berry        238 3-Xs 14-10s       Jenna Skinner    234
Cecil Brewer       229 1-x 14-10s        Mitch Hogg       219
Charles Bailey     229 9-10s
High Aggregate    Jenna Skinner 223+215+234=672  The Jr beat all of us this month.
High Overall Score
Carl Ferguson  238  4Xs 15-10s
Harry Berry    238 3-Xs 14-10s

USBR Postal Club

USBR Postal Club, Match 42, which ended on 6-17-09

Senior Custom Class:
Ray Siefert, Port St. Lucie, FL,   248 – 10X
                                   240 –  6X
                                   238 –  5X

George Boyle, Cornwall Brg, CT,    237 –  2X

John Petteruti, Dayton, OH         236 –  2X

Senior Sporter Class:
Earl Eckert, Easton, PA,           209  -  3X
                                   205  - 

Senior Plinker Class:
Earl Eckert, Easton,PA,            155 –

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club

If you weren't there you missed a good match. The weather was finally good with a little wind. We had 15 shooters that shot 25 targets. Here are the results

Plinker Class                             Jrs
Michael Rosenberger  234  3-Xs 13-10s
Jay Judge            215
Charlie Free         213
Sporter Class
Michael Rosenberger  217                  Rhiannon Quick  200
Charles Bailey       216
Richard Bumpus       212
Custom Class
Charles Bailey       235                  Emily Hogg      181
Charlie Free         221                  Mitch Hogg      172
Cecil Brewer         212
Unlimited Class
Harry Berry          242  4-Xs 16-10s     Mitch           217  9-10s
Charles Bailey       236                  Emily           217  4-10s
Cecil Brewer         224
High Aggregate Score. Charles Bailey 216+235+236=687
Overall High Score    Harry Berry    242

Clark Rifles, Inc.

Well, I missed this match. I went trout fishing. Had a great time, the wind blew, but we managed to get our limits. Bud Lawry ran the match for me and as usual did a great job.

We did have a world record shot. Don Gartin broke the plinker .17 world record set by Sean Fry of 226/2x by shooting a 226/4x. Congratulations to Don. Sean just set his record on April 16th.


22LR RIFLES SCORES                      4/23/2009
Bud Lawry       Sporter 22LR    213/3x
Lee Alexander   Sporter 22LR    202/1x
Leonard Kleider Sporter 22LR    162/1x
Rich Bumgardner Sporter 22LR    225
Bud Lawry       Custom  22LR    201/3x
Rob Skeens      Custom  22LR    227/1x
Rich Bumgardner Custom  22LR    233/4x
Rob Skeens      Unl     22LR    224/3x
Rich Bumgardner Unl     22LR    229/4x
Rich Bumgardner 3-Gun   22LR    687/8x
Bud Lawry       Plinker 22LR    210/2x
17HMR/MACH 2 RIFLE SCORES               4/23/2009
Don Gartin      Sporter 17HMR   216
Don Gartin      Plinker 17HMR   226/4x

Braxton County Gun Owners

It was a rainy ole West Virginia day with five shooters braving almost cold temperatures for this time of year, but in attendance none the less for the first USBR Rimfire match of the year. Myself being the scorer, I perhaps felt colder then did the shooters. Mart Cunningham came within a point and a X of tying the unlimited record... by the way he was short on ammo and only fired ONE sighter shot on the UL target. He is a great shooter and a fine gentleman, look for him to grab this record at the W.V. State championships this July. At any rate the fellowship warmed my heart and a good time was had by all........LW Moore reporting

1. L.G. Rose       232 7X
2. Buddy Baker     199
1. L.G. Rose       239 7X
2. Mart Cunningham 237
3. Jeff  McKenzie  224 3X
4. Mike Hibbs      212 1X
1. Mart Cunningham 246 6X
2. L.G. Rose       238 7X
3. Jeff McKenzie   232 4X
4. Mike Hibbs      217

Cumberland Riflemen

A nice day for shooting. Not too hot and not too windy. We had eight (8) shooters, with three (3) classes represented (no plinkers). As stated previously, there must be two (2) shooters in a class to qualify for prizes, so none were awarded for Custom (sorry, Al - I'll join you with my Anschutz next time). While no one was up to their previous high standards of last year, Mark lead the way in Unlimited, and Tom, after a sub-standard first string, was near his usual good work in the Sporter class. We had a good time and know where we need to do our work.

Look forward to seeing everyone at our next match on May 17.

Thanks for coming out.


USBR 50yd .22 Rimfire Match Results

Class           1st String    2nd String    3rd String    Total

Mark Cohen      223-2x        225-3x        234           682-5x
Fred Signor     182           217           222           621
Al Lihou        170           160           158           488

Tom Wnorowski   165           218           211           594
Glenn Davis     196           191           203           590
Mike Corson     181           188           171           540
Alan Weinstein  168           173           154           495
Ernie Gregg     128           169           166           463 

Clark Rifles, Inc.

Attached are the scores for the last two matches. These last couple of weeks have been really busy and I did not get time to send the scores from 4/9/09. We had a nice turn out on our Thursday shoot. The weather is getting better and the shooters are starting to come out from hibernation.

We had another World Record shot. Sean Fry shot a 226/1x in the .17 plinker class. The old record was also held by one of our shooters, Chuck Fox, his record was 224/2x. Sean was using a Savage model 93R17 (.17 HMR) with a Mueller Tactical Scope (8.5x25x44 AO mildot). Now I always make sure to check our plinker shooters to make sure the scopes are not set higher than 9 power. Sean bought the rifle from Bi-Mart for $169.00.

Well gentlemen I have been shooting my rifle in the last couple of matches. What a learning experience for a pistol shooter. I have had a Russian Voskof for several years and just now starting to shoot it. Not doing really well yet, but I will learn.

By the way it is great to see a clubs from Brazil, shooting with us now.

Kolin, the certificate will be in the mail tomorrow for your signature.

Have a great week and I will not be shooting next week as I am going fishing. Bud Lawry will be running the match for me. Have a great week and good shooting to you all.

Train Hard Shoot Easy

22LR RIFLES SCORES              4/9     4/16/2009
Mike Saunders   Sporter 22LR    218/2x  205/1x
Bud Lawry       Sporter 22LR            192
Jon Beagle      Sporter 22LR    186     
Leonard Kleider Sporter 22LR            184
Rich Bumgardner Sporter 22LR    218/1x  222/2x
Bud Lawry       Custom  22LR    241/4x  219/2x
Rob Skeens      Custom  22LR            235/4x
Mike Saunders   Custom  22LR    226/5x  212/3x
Rich Bumgardner Custom  22LR    225/2x  201
Leonard Kleider Custom  22LR            198/1x
Bob Kadow       Unl     22LR            213/1x
Bud Lawry       Unl     22LR    240/8x  209
Rob Skeens      Unl     22LR            226/2x
Rich Bumgardner Unl     22LR    213/2x  219/4x
Leonard Kleider Unl     22LR            194/2x
Mike Saunders   Unl     22LR    217/2x  199/2x
Mike Saunders   3-Gun   22LR    661/9x  616/6x
Bud Lawry       3-Gun   22LR            620/2x
Rich Bumgardner 3-Gun   22LR    656/5x  642/6x
Larry Cole      Plinker 22LR    227/4x  
Mike Saunders   Plinker 22LR    228/5x  222/1x
Bud Lawry       Plinker 22LR            187
Jon Beagle      Plinker 22LR    227/2x  
Leonard Kleider Plinker 22LR            188/3x
17HMR/MACH 2 RIFLE SCORES       4/9     4/16/2009
Roger Baxter    Sporter 17HMR           210/2x
Don Gartin      Sporter 17HMR           209/1x
Sean Fry        Sporter 17HMR   220/4x  194
Roger Baxter    Custom  17HMR           188/1x
Don Gartin      Custom  17HMR           213/1x
Don Gartin      Unl     17MH2           205/3x
Roger Baxter    Unl     17HMR           199/1x
Roger Baxter    3-Gun   17HMR           597/4x
Don Gartin      3-Gun   17HMR           627/5x
Sean Fry        Plinker 17HMR   184     226/1x

Emerald Empire Gun Club

Today's episode of "As the Powder Burns" was to be the special Easter edition with special guest author the Easter Bunny, unfortunately his vehicle was stopped at the border crossing and he was taken into custody by Homeland Security agents for the possession of unregistered gift baskets containing biological components. The FDA has also brought charges for illegal importation of chocolate dairy products and un-inspected poultry products. Animal Rights groups are also expected to file a civil suit claiming the use of marsh mellow chicks unduly influences children to think of chicken as a food product thus endangering the population of wild chickens by over harvesting by unscrupulous chicken hunters. The ACLU has already filed a claim that the use of the image of baby chickens to celebrate a religious holiday is a violation of the separation of church and state as the regulation of chickens falls under the pervious of the Agricultural Department. A spokesman for the Easter Bunny says his client denies any wrong doing and that this is a clear example of societies unfounded fear of furry animals. The four hundred and twenty members of the Easter Bunny's family could not be reached for comment. Neighbors of Mr. Bunny described him as a quiet rodent who kept pretty much to himself. No other details are available at this time.

Our competitors were not aware of the unfolding events of the day so the match went on as usual. At the end of the match when the news broke the group expressed their concern for Mr. Bunny and offered best wishes and praise for his work and the hope that this would not adversely affect the following days holiday festivities. The match was dedicated to the Easter Bunny and we all hope that he will be released from his undisclosed incarceration location soon.


  Match Scores for April 11th, 2009
  Name         Sporter             Custom             Unlimited
Leo Agregian   218 1X              207 1X             222 0X
Linda Johnson  226 2X              199 0X             210 1X
Jim Johnson                        204 0X             193 0X
Dennis DiFeo   240 8X              237 2X             245 7X
Melisa Monson  212 2X              223 0X              239 4X

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club

Some day we are going to have a match day with good weather. When we do the scores will probly be terrible. The weather was cold and windy and we had some great scores shot. We had a good turn out, 17 shooters who shot 37 targets. There were also 6 Jrs this month.

If you were there you would know 189 was for. Harry shot a great score and I managed to give him a pretty hard time. We all had a good time despite freezing. Cecil,Jay and Mike will hopefully have to run the next match. If Mitchell advances to State again this year in UIL comp, Amanda and I are going to be there since it is his Senior Year. Till next time keep it in the 10.

Plinker Class                  Jrs
Charlie Free    214            Jenna Skinner      209
                               Rhiannon Quick     200
                               Jacob Smith        147
Sporter Class
Charles Bailey  223            Jenna Skinner      213
Richard Bumpus  209            Rhiannon Quick     198
Bradley Baker   201
Custom Class
Charlie Free    226  2-Xs      Jeanne Skinner     233
Debbie Withers  226  1-Xs      Colton Henderson   190 1-X
Charles Bailey  222            Mitchell Hogg      190
Unlimited Class
Harry Berry     240            Mitchell Hogg      229
Charlie Free    238            Emily Hogg         199
Charles Bailey  233            Jakob Smith        193
High Aggregate Score           Charles Bailey     678 
                               Charlie Free       661
High Overall Score             Harry Berry        240  (189) ha ha

Clark Rifles, Inc.

Well we had rain, hail, and wind. Well as you can see by the scores. I brought out my rifle to start shooting it for awhile. Now I know why I am a handgun shooter. We had a guest shooter. Bob Landreth came down from Aberdeen to shoot with us. He said that he came down to get out of the rain (refer back to first sentence). We had ten shooters and the match went well. Bob Kadow

22LR RIFLES SCORES                      42/2009
Bob Cruden      Sporter 22LR    212
Mike Saunders   Sporter 22LR    219/2x
Bud Lawry       Sporter 22LR    197/1x
Rich Bumgardner Sporter 22LR    223/3x
Bob Kadow       Custom  22LR    211/2x
Larry Cole      Custom  22LR    237/3x
Bud Lawry       Custom  22LR    207/3x
Rob Skeens      Custom  22LR    235/5x
Mike Saunders   Custom  22LR    218/2x
Rich Bumgardner Custom  22LR    230/4x
Rob Skeens      Unl     22LR    224/3x
Rich Bumgardner Unl     22LR    212/3x
Bob Landreth    Unl     22LR    224/4x
Mike Saunders   Unl     22LR    226/4x
Mike Saunders   3-Gun   22LR    663/8x
Rich Bumgardner 3-Gun   22LR    665/10x
Larry Cole      Plinker 22LR    211
Mike Saunders   Plinker 22LR    225/1x
Rob Skeens      Plinker 22LR    211/1x
Bud Lawry       Plinker 22LR    194/1x

Clark Rifles, Inc.

March was not a great month for shooting, but our numbers are increasing. I have been shooting my Thompson Contenders and they aren't shooting to bad. Hope you all are doing well.

Hey Kolin, Bob Landreth is sitting next to me. He came down from Aberdeen to shoot our match on Thursday.

Bob Kadow

22LR RIFLES SCORES                      3/26/2009
Bob Cruden      Sporter 22LR    209/1x
Mike Saunders   Sporter 22LR    210/3x
Larry Cole      Sporter 22LR    219/2x
Jon Beagle      Sporter 22LR    213
Loren Peter     Sporter 22LR    232/6x
Rich Bumgardner Sporter 22LR    228/4x
Larry Cole      Custom  22LR    236/2x
Bud Lawry       Custom  22LR    234/5x
Rob Skeens      Custom  22LR    216/3x
Mike Saunders   Custom  22LR    215/3x
Rich Bumgardner Custom  22LR    226/4x
Jon Beagle      Custom  22LR    209/1x
Loren Peter     Custom  22LR    215/1x
Bud Lawry       Unl     22LR    242/9x
Rob Skeens      Unl     22LR    215/2x
Rich Bumgardner Unl     22LR    229/3x
Jon Beagle      Unl     22LR    206
Mike Saunders   Unl     22LR    224/4x
Mike Saunders   3-Gun   22LR    649/10x
Rich Bumgardner 3-Gun   22LR    683/11x
Jon Beagle      3-Gun   22LR    628/1x
Mike Saunders   Plinker 22LR    231/4x
Jon Beagle      Plinker 22LR    210/1x
17HMR/MACH 2 RIFLE SCORES               3/26/2009
Leonard Kleider Sporter 17HMR   220/1x
22LR PISTOL SCORES                      3/26/2009
NAME            CLASS           CALIBER SCORE
Bob Kadow       Sporter/Pistol  22LR    227/3x
Bob Kadow       Custom/Pistol   22LR    231/4x
Bob Kadow       Unl/Pistol      22LR    233/2x
Bob Kadow       3-Gun Agg       22LR    691/9x