USBR Objective Statement: To provide a benchrest score-shooting format to be enjoyed by the widest possible spectrum of competitors. Range and equipment requirements are held to a minimum. Opportunities to compete will be provided for everyone from the novice to the expert.

USBR is an internet based organization, and as such, the vast majority of all business will be handled via e-mail and web-based exchange of information.

Volume 10, Issue 2 - - - - - - - September - December, 2007

Wild River Air Rifle - USBR Report September 14, 2007

Seven shooters showed up for the days' activities, which commenced with an egg eating contest. Deviled eggs - breakfast of champions! The day's weather was conducive to good scores. Mr. Silveira had the leading score for the day only dropping a single point for the winning 999. We have three remaining shoots to tune up your game, and if you need your placement in either series, let me know. See you all September 28th.

Shooter         Ser.    Div.    Equipment           Match-1  Match-2  Match-3  Match-4  Total
Bob Lahde       I       Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT   249 9x   249 8x   246 4x   249 6x   993 27x
Chuck Marsh     II      Unl.    Steyr LG110FT       247 8x   245 6x   243 7x   248 3x   983 24x
Jim Fulmer      II      Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT   245 4x   245 6x   246 4x   249 8x   985 22x
Ron Silveira    II      Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT   250 13x  250 8x   249 8x   250 4x   999 33x
Mike Hopkins    I       Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT   249 2x   250 8x   249 7x   247 1x   995 18x
Tuni Hicks      II      Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT   246 11x  250 4x   249 2x   241 4x   986 21x
Jim Hicks       II      Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT   247 7x   247 1x   244 6x   247 2x   985 16x

Next tournament will be September 28 starting at 9:00 am.

Bob Lahde, Match Director

Wild River Air Rifle - USBR Report June 8, 2007

Ron Silveira shoots a New Record of 250 12x! Pretty exciting stuff. Conditions were variable with the usual 180 degree wind shifts. Our good pellet supply is reaching the critical level; some of us never had any good ones from the season start. George Villasenor has sold his Anschutz 2002CA, for more than he paid for it. You just cannot beat a devaluing dollar? We are approaching the halfway point in the season; the next shoot will be #8 of 16. Hope to see you all there June 22.

Shooter         Ser.    Div.    Equipment          Match-1  Match-2  Match-3  Match-4  Total
Bob Lahde       II      Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT  237 3x   247 5x   239 5x   240 3x   963 16x
Chuck Marsh     I       Unl.    Steyr LG110FT      243 4x   235 1x   237 3x   237 3x   952 11x
Jim Fulmer      I       Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT  250 10x  243 6x   250 4x   248 6x   991 26x
Ron Silveira    I       Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT  249 2x   248 5x   250 12x  250 5x   997 24x
Mike Hopkins    II      Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT  248 5x   248 6x   249 6x   249 9x   994 26x
Tuni Hicks      I       Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT  249 3x   247 5x   240 5x   250 5x   986 18x
Jim Hicks       I       Unl.    Feinwerkbau P70FT  242 2x   243 2x   244 3x   247 5x   976 12x

Next tournament will be June 22, starting at 9:00 am.

Bob Lahde, Match Director

USBR at Emerald Empire Gun Club

Today, in the season finale of As The Powder Burns answers to the most important questions of our generation! Can the weather man be right twice in a row? Do rain drops deflect .22 bullets? What did Billie Jo really throw off the Tallahachy bridge?

But first a word from our sponsor, Bore Bigger Cleaning Systems. At last an answer to the age old problem of how to keep your child's gun growing with them. The new Bore Bigger Cleaning System uses a special micro encapsulated abrasive compound that actually increases the size of the bore with each pass. By your child's second year of shooting the bore will have gone from .22 to .243. In just another two years it will grow to .270 and by the time he or she is ready to head out to the woods on their own it will have grown to a full .30 caliber! No more worrying about which gun to buy at which stage of their development. Another innovative idea from the people who brought you The Muzzle Cork, the all natural way to keep your bore dry in the field. Now back to our story.

In that moment between sleep and waking our Match Director thought he heard the pitter patter of little feet. Then he realized he didn't have little feet and the reality hit him, it was the rain pounding against his bedroom window driven by the twenty mile per hour wind the weather man had predicted. In the pre dawn darkness as he loaded the truck he felt sure that as the sun rose and the day warmed the rain would surely ease up. As the day went on there didn't seem to be any sunrise, in fact by 10:30 it had become so dark that the shooters couldn't see the ten ring through their 36 power scopes. Rain, wind and a lot of moaning from the shooters pretty well indicated that scores were not going to be high today. Then it happened, the Match Director pulled the trigger and the bullet went into the 8 ring! How could this be, surely he hadn't misread the wind, after all he had 5 wind flags out. As he stared at the hole in the target it suddenly hit him, the hole was cl ean! None of the typical powder smudge mark .22s always leave around the outter edge. The bullet must have hit a rain drop and been washed clean and deflected on it's way to the 10 ring. Now he could go on shooting knowing that any further bad shots were not his fault. He briefly considered sharing this bit of wisdom with the other competitors to console them but decided against it, instead he'd just try to shoot between the rain drops to see if it would give him an advantage. In the end it's just as well, it's rumored that a certain Billie Jo had had a similar experience and when he tried to explain it to his fellow shooters none of them would believe him. He became so despondent that he threw all his gear into the river and followed it shortly thereafter.

At the conclusion of all the shooting for the day a relaxing lunch of chili and hotdogs was served and it was decided that all had had so much fun this year that matches would be held again next year. By then we should have a whole new set of questions to answer. Next episode, Benchrest Shooting Syndrome, nature or nurture?

                 Sporter     Custom    Unlimited
Jerry Snider                 233 2X      240 7X
Trevor Stephens              224 1X      234 4X
Dennis DiFeo     224 3X      234 1X      236 4X
Melisa Monson                233 4X      230 5X
Wes King         221 1X      233 1X      238 7X
Ben Bock                                 242 5X

Dennis DiFeo, Match Director



Todays episode of As The Powder Burns is a special metric edition! It was brought to the Match Directors attention that no one has ever held a USBR match at 50 meters and therefore there were a whole bunch of world records to be had! This was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up. As luck would have it this would also be the first USBR match on the new range which had just been marked out to 50 meters for the Oregon State RBA match two weeks ago. Truly this must be a sign. Plans were set, USBR headquarters notified, shooters informed, what could go wrong?

6AM match day, the Match Director woke to the sound of rain and his outdoor wind chime making enough racket to wake the dead. The weatherman said showers and 15 to 25 mph winds, why did he have to pick this day to be right? He never has been before.Things didn't get any better as the day went along, at a couple of points during the match it got so dark and rainy the shooters couldn't see the bullet holes in the target and were having a hard time seeing which bullseye to shoot at next. In the end it came down to those who had the patience to wait out the shifting wind and down pours and hope they didn't run out of time...or in the Match Directors case listening to all the other shooters moan as they fired a shot and knowing this was probably not the time to pull the trigger himself.

So our congratulations go out to; Jerry Snider .17 cal Sporter class, Wes King .17 cal Custom and Unlimited Class, Dennis DiFeo .22 cal Sporter, Custom and Unlimited class.

Will these records stand? Will we have another Meters Match when the weather gets better and try to out do our own records? Will another range figure out how far 50 meters really is and try to beat us? These and many more questions will be answered in future episodes of As The Powder Burns!

                 Sporter    Custom     Unlimited
Dennis DiFeo     225 1X     240 1X     240 2X
Wes King                               231 2X
Charlie Hawkins  193        234 2X     226 1X
Jerry Snider                219 3X     232 3X
Ben Bock         208 1X     229 2X     233 3X
.17 Cal.
Wes King                    213        221 3X
Jerry Snider     195

Dennis DiFeo

PS: A quick note on who shot what at the 50 Meters Match at EEGC, if I put it into the regular match report it gets to long for the club newsletter.

Jerry Snider shot a CZ American .17 M2 with a Weaver 24 power scope in the Sporter class, total weight 7 lbs. 3 oz.
Wes King used a Cooper LVT .17 HMR with a Leupold 4.5X14 scope in both the Custom and Unlimited Class. Total weight 9 lbs 4 oz.
Dennis DiFeo used a Cooper IR50 with a Weaver 6X24 in the .22 Sporter class, total weight 7lbs 6 oz.
and a ULA/Benchmark/ Edge with a Sightron 36X in the Custom and Unlimitd classes, total weight 9lbs 8 oz.

Wes King and I scored, Jerry Snider, Ben Bock and Charlie Hawkins were Refs.

There were no protests of any targets.


Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
October Match Report

Well we finally made it through another year. We had a great year of shooting. The competition seems to be getting tougher by the year. Here're the results from our final match. We had 12 shooters who shot 25 targets.

Plinker class             Jrs
Harry Berry     187
Sporter Class
Charles Bailey  223       Mitch Hogg     211
Doyle Martin    216               
Richard Bumpus  176
Custom Class
Charles Bailey  234       Mitch Hogg     197
Richard Bumpus  232       Emily Hogg     172
Eugen Hallmark  229
Unlimited Class
Charles Bailey  235       Mitch Hogg     225
Doyle Martin    233       Emily Hogg     159
Richard Bumpus  227

Aggregate high scorer was Charles Bailey. For those of you who do not know what Aggregate is its the combination of Sporter, Custom and Unlimited scores. That means you could use a sporter gun in all three class, but usually requires 2 or 3 different guns. Charles shot a 692 out of a possible 750, he only dropped 58 points on 3 targets. Here are the overall winners for the year.

Plinker Class            Jrs.
Jay Judge                Ryan Huls
Sporter Class
Richard Bumpus           Ryan Huls
Custom Class
Charles Bailey           Emily Hogg
Unlimited Class
Charles Bailey           Emily Hogg

Aggregate High Score {we forgot to award this one so it will be a supprise to everyone, we had three shooters who shot 8 matchs.}

Richard Bumpus

We will get the plaques out to everyone, we could only award 2 plaques Saturday because most of the class were to close to call till the last shot. Thanks to everyone who shot this year, we had a good time and hope everyone else did. Well ya'll have 3 months to get everything together for next season. It starts Feburary 9, 2008. Keep it in the 10.

Rusty Hogg