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USBR is an internet based organization, and as such, the vast majority of all business will be handled via e-mail and web-based exchange of information.

Volume 10, Issue 1 - - - - - - - January - September, 2007

With this issue we will attempt to bring the newsletter up to date. Given the long time since the last news, there is a chance we will miss some of the reports... for this we apologize. Additions will be made to this issue thru September as required. Beginning in October, we will attempt to resume normal newsletter publication.

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
March Match Report

We had another good turn out this month. Some of our old shooters and some new shooters showed up for the fun. We had 23 shooter who shot 46 targets. The weather was almost perfect except for a little wind occasionally. Here are the results.

Plinker Class                            Jrs
Robert Pivonka     166
Sporter Class
Carl Rosenberger   209  6-10s            Chris McMillon   218
Jonanna McMillon   209  2-10s            Ryan Huls        205
Brad Morton        202                   Emily Hogg       199
Custom Class
Doyle Martin       233                   Hunter McGuire   228
Billy McGuire      229   4-Xs            Tayor Frazier    214
Brad Morton        229   2-Xs            Justin Arrwood   205
Unlimited Class
Billy McGuire      236                   Hunter McGuire   228
Jonanna McMillon   230                   Ryan Huls        217
Doyle Martin       227   13-10s          Chris McMillon   216
Charles Bailey     227   8-10s

High Score individual was Billy McGuire with a 236 and High Aggregate Score was Brad Morton with a 644. The gift certificates to Bills were won by Doyle Martin and Ryan Huls. The door prizes where won by Stan, Carl Ferguson, Justin Airwood, Tayor Frazier, Mike Brooks, Mike Hutchins and Ryan Huls. You guys are going to force me to start practicing between matches, yall are making me look bad in front of my kids. Ha Ha(reckon this psych. warfare will work?) We all seemed to have a good time and Stan is going to have BBQ for everyone next month after the shoot. Mike had a quick round of Black Death while Amanda and I where finishing scoring, Stan tore them up with a 35, thats the best score I've seen so far. We had two new shooters Robert Pivonka and Justin Airwood. The weathers getting better and I'm getting more fired up about shooting. The competition is getting stiffer making it more of a challenge. See Ya'll next month-April 14 remember keep it in the 10 ring.

Emerald Empire Gun Club USBR Report
March Match Report

Welcome to the St. Patrick's Day edition of "As The Powder Burns". Once again this year the match fell on St. Paddy's day, and what a glorious day it was. The dew glissened on the perfectly manicured emerald green grass, a heavy fog drifted across the range just like on the Irish moors in the movies. No wonder the Irish all left Ireland and moved to Boston, how are shooters suppose to shoot if you can't see the bloody target! But not to worry, just before shooting time the sun peeked out above the hill and the fog began to be dispersed by the now ever increasing wind.

At our last airgun match there were some comments that the ingenious apparatus used by the match director to hook his airgun directly to the scuba tank, while not against the rules, might be giving him some sort of advantage. Well, being sensitive to the feeling of others and all that other touchy feely stuff, this match he dispensed with his superior technology and used nothing more than the basic gun as it came out of the box. Well, that and his secret pellet lube formula that virtually eliminates all bad shots, even those caused by shooter error. This would give the other competitors at least a fighting chance, and if they beat him then he would go right back to his scuba tank hook up! As it turned out the secret pellet lube was enough to put him over the top.

From this point things started to go down hill quickly, as the day warmed up the winds picked up and the scores dropped off in direct proportion to the spastic movements of the wind flags. Several colorful comments were heard and the ancestry of either the ammo, the gun, or the flags was brought into question depending on who was blaming what for the last bad shot. Needless to say a good time was had by all as there were multipule reasons to choose from for each and every missed point. Creative excuse making is after all the hallmark of a dedicated benchrest shooter.

Will we be so blessed weather wise at next months match? Want to find out personally? Bring your favorite airgun or rimfire to a match. I can't guarantee it will make you become a better shooter but I'm sure we can help you choose the proper excuse for any shooting occasion.

                  Airgun #1   Airgun #2
Dennis DiFeo      248 2X      247 5X
Arlin Brewer      244 3X      242 6X
Bob Springstead   243 3X      245 3X
                  Sporter     Custom     Unlimited
Dennis DiFeo      239 5X      240 5X     239 4X
Arlin Brewer      228 1X      223 2X
Charlie Hawkins   223 2X      233 2X     226 2X
Wes King                      234 2X     232 2X
Ben Bock          204 3X      240 5X     237 5X
Jerry Snider      227 5X      240 3X     243 3X

Dennis DiFeo, Match Director

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
April Match Report

So much for Winter being over with.  We had perfect shooting weather this month- cold and the wind blowing 25 mph, what more could you ask for.  Saying that we still had some good scores shot and the eats where great thanks to Stan Scheel and his family.  We had 19 shooters this month who shoot 39 targets.  Here are the results:

Plinker Class                    Jrs
Jay Judge       222
Mike Motley     142
Sporter Class   
Doyle Martin    216 1-x          Chris McMillon   216
Jay Judge       216              Emily Hogg
Brad Morton     209
Custom Class
Billy McGuire   222              Hunter McGuire   235
Stan Scheel     221              Emily Hogg       188 4-10
Doyle Martin    218              Brandon Baker    188 3-10
Unlimited Classs
Billy Mcguire   231              Chris McMillon   229
Doyle Martin    228              Brandon Baker    225
Charles Bailey  225              Hunter McGuire   217

As you can see by the results wind is still a big factor on this new range but the scores are getting on an average higher even when its bad weather.  Young Hunter McGuire showed us all how to shoot this Month with a new Jr High Score, he wanted to keep his target to show his mom but I talked him out of it when I told him we would hang it on the bulletine board beside the Srs high score.  The Aggregate score winner this month was Doyle Martin with a 662 for the 3 classes.  The gift certificates where won by Emily and Bryan Hawthorne.  Chris, Brad,Hunter, Eugene,Emily and Mike won the door prizes.  The Pots were won by Mike Motley, Doyle Martin and Billy McGuire who won 2 pots.  We had three new shooters Bryan Hawthorne, Mike Motley and Brandon Baker, Eugene Crawfords grandson.  The BBQ was great, I don't know how we will be able to eat hamburgers this year at out final shoot.  Thanks to everyone who helped this month with the match and the BBQ.  See everyone May 12 at our next match.  Remember keep it in the 10.


PS   Next Saturday is the club work day show up if at alll possible we have a lot that needs to be done.  If you have any questions about it contact Mike or Stan and they will get you lined out.

Emerald Empire Gun Club USBR Report
April Match Report

A new record was set... or was it? The weather man was right... or was he? These are the burning questions that will be answered in this months episode of As The Powder Burns!


As our Match Director drove home on a beautiful Friday evening, 72 degrees, big white puffy clouds lazily drifting across the bright blue sky he could scarcely believe his ears as the weather man predicted  a chance of a "spring shower" and a high of only 55 degrees for Saturdays match. "Those weather men never get it right anyway." he thought to himself.  A quick look out the window before going to bed at the black, star studded sky showed nothing to make him change his mind. At 5AM he was awakened by the sound of droplets on the patio. "Well, at least it got here early and should be gone by shooting time." he though as he went back to sleep. Ten straight hours of "showers" followed. Now at what point does a shower become rain? Surely this had certainly approached that threshold. Now we all know that the water that falls in the spring is much purer than the water that falls in the winter, after all, have you ever heard of anyone paying a buck twentyfive f or twelve ounces of "pure winter water"? Of course not. But it sure gets you, your gear and the targets just as wet.


There was a little excitement during the Sporter match, Wes King shot a 243 4X, now  the old record, also set by Wes, was a 242. This would be a new USBR record. That is, until it was discovered that Wes hadn't really shot in the Sporter class, he was just using that time to set up his new custom built IR50/50 sporter to be used in the Custom class that was to follow. USBR rules do not allow custom guns in the stock Sporter class. Other than that the match went pretty well for our shooters. The rain didn't seem to affect the scores much, well, except for the Match Director. It seem that the rain drops coming down in his lane were much bigger than the ones falling in Jerry's lane right next to him. How else can the two point difference in scores be explained? David Norton came down from Albany to shoot with us, his first USBR match, we hope to see him again.


 As always, our matches are open to anyone with a rimfire, .22 or .17, 25yards or 50 yards. If your interested just give me a call.


 Dennis DiFeo

                 Sporter     Custom     Unlimited
Dennis DiFeo     237 7X      240 2X     241 4X
Wes King                     239 2X     241 4X
Charlie Hawkins  216 1X      228 1X     241 8X
David Norton     128         202 1X     224 3X
Jerry Snider                            243 7X

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
May Match Report

We had 15 shooters who shot 33 targets.  We were down a few shooters which is probably because it was Mothers Day Weekend.  We had a couple of shooters e-mail us saying they weren't going to be able to make it and some we just missed.  Those of us that made it had a good time and I was told to mention that the steaks were great.  We had one new shooter this month- Cecil Brewer.

Plinker Class                Jrs
Bryan Hatthorne
Eugene Carawford
Sporter Class
Jay Judge       222          Emily Hogg
Charles Bailey  220          Mitch Hogg
Doyle Martin    207
Custom Class
Billy McGuire   238          Hunter McGuire   228
Richard Adams   233          Mitch Hogg       203
Richard Bumpus  230          Emily Hogg       195
Unlimited Class
Doyle Martin    235          Hunter McGuire   229
Richard Adams   234          Emily Hogg       204
Charles Bailey  232          Mitch Hogg       201

  Billy Mcguire won High Score this month with a 238 and Aggregate winner was Charles Bailey with a 667.  The gift certificates to Bill's Gun Shop were won by Jay Judge and Mitchell. The door prizes were won by Richard Bumpus, Eugene Crawford, Mitch, Emily and Richard Adams.  We had perfect shooting weather this month with just a little breeze, I was looking for one of those 240s to pop up but it didn't.  Billy and Hunter are getting awfully hard to beat. but I got good news for the rest of us Billy said that they were probly going on vaction next month.  That leaves a first place trophy for me next month.  We are going to miss them but that trophy will look good at my house.  Rember keep it in the 10. See yall June 9.

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
June Match Report

Hello fellow Benchrest Shooters.  We had a good shot this month for those who wheren't there.  The weather was great, just getting a little warm now.  We had 15 shooters who shot 30 targets.  Carl and Mike where the fartherest drivers this month from Kingwood.  Here are the results.

Plinker Class                Jrs
Chris Englert   204                                 
Sporter Class
Chris Englert   225          Ryan Huls       210
Charles Bailey  222    
Richard Bumpus  221
Custom Class
Charles Bailey  239          Ryan Huls       208
Doyle Martin    231          Mitchell Hogg   192
Richard Adams   228          Emily Hogg      177
Unlimited Class
Richard Bumpus  228          Mitchell Hogg   218
Mike Hutchins   222          Emily Hogg      206
Stan Scheel     220          Ryan Huls       204

Overall high score was Charles Bailey with a impressive 239 and the Aggregate High score was also Charles Bailey with a total fo 678 over Richard Bumpus and Doyle who shot combined scores of 669 and 652.  Emily and I won the gift certificates to Bills Gun Shop and Mitchell, Richard B. Ryan, Doyle and Charles won all the door prizes.  The money pots were won by Mike Hutchins and Charles who won the Custom and Sporter Pots.  Mitchell won a highly contested Blackdeath Match.  This match ended on a sad note with us losing two of our shooters.  Stan Scheel, a recent Board Member and a great help to Amanda and I, is moving to Round Rock.  Richard Adams, the Ironman of the Benchrest Shooters(he has never missed a Benchrest Match), is also moving to Stephenville.  They both where a great help in building the new range and getting the  Brenchrest matches to where they are today.  They are also some our best shooters.  Richard still holds high score record for this new Range.  They will both be greatly missed.  Both have promised to try and come back for the matches, but both will have to drive 3 to 4 hours to get here.  We can still hope to see them on the second Saturday of the month anyway.

Next match is July 14, plan on it being HOT!  Hope to see you then.

Emerald Empire Gun Club USBR Report
June Match Report

In this months episode of As The Powder Burns two out of town gun slingers show up, the weather man is wrong, again, and an evoloutionary new wind reading device is introduced that's sure to revoloutionize all catagories of benchrest shooting!


  As our Match Director loaded his pickup at 6AM he glanced up at the gray, overcast sky, "not exactly the clear sunny skies the paper was calling for but I'm sure it will clear up by shooting time, after all, it's summer right?" Needless to say the sun failed to appear at all during the match. This was not of any great concern to the Match Director for today he planned to unveil the biggest advance in wind reading technology since, well, since wind was invented. Half way through the Airgun match a vaguely familiar van pulled up to the range. Del Martin and Willis Leathers had driven down from Albany to take a crack at both the USBR match and the ARA match to be held later that day. It was rumored that Del had a new rifle that was a real shooter. Things went with out incident through the Sporter and Custom class matches as expected, as the Match Director set up for the Unlimited class he decided now was the time!


  No great mind is ever recognized in his own time. They laughed at Copurnicus, they laughed at Galeleo, they laughed at Lawrence Welk! Well with the introduction of the Bubblecator Omini Directional Wind Current Devining Machine everyone took notice! Howls of protest from the other competitors could be heard, this despite the offer of letting them look at the non stop stream of bubbles drifting down the range for the most reasonable sum of only ten cents per bubble.

 Now, as with the introduction of any new invention there were a few minor bugs to work out. Keeping the stream of bubbles in his own shooting lane proved to be difficult. He briefly though about shooting every bubble that driffed astray but that didn't seem like a reasonable use of his exspensive match ammo, not to mention the fact that the holes he put in the others shooters targets probably wouldn't go over to well. In the end he would just have to let the stray ones go for the other shooters to watch free of charge. Did it give him the advantage he needed? Just look at the scores, he won the Unlimited class by one X, proof positive that his invention has merit. While the other shooters all laughed when the machine was first turned on it was noted that Jerry lifted the lid on his shooting box to keep Wes from being able to see the bubbles during the match, note the scores carefully and you decide!


  Will the Albany boys return? Will the BODWCDM prove to be a boon to benchresters everywhere? Will Jerry let Wes see the bubbles next time? Only one way to find out, the next episode of As The Powder Burns! Copyright not needed as no one in their right mind would steel it.

                 Airgun 1         Airgun 2
Dennis DiFeo     243 3X           240
Arlin Brewer     241 4X           242 6X
                 Sporter          Custom          Unlimited
Dennis DiFeo     229 2X           246 9X          243 4X
Del Martin       219 6X           243 6X          242 6X
Willis Leathers  224 5X           232 3X          234 3X
Charlie Hawkins  226              229 2X          242 4X
Ben Bock         209              245 9X          243 3X
Wes King                                          241 3X
Melisa Monson                     232 4X          228
Jerry Snider                      242 6X          241 6X

Dennis DiFeo, Match Director

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
July Match Report

We had a good turn out despite the weather.  It was rainy but nice and cool compared to the recent 95 degree days.  The new range is nice in bad weather there is plenty of room for 
everyone to get out of the rain and have a good time.  We had 20 shooters this  month who shot 38 targets.  We had 5 Jrs this month.  We also had 1 new shooter  this month Micheal Rosenberger, Carls son, drove in from Dallas to watch his dad and decided to shoot with us.

Plinker Class                      Jrs.
Micheal Rosenberger   195          Ryan Huls        204
Sporter Class
Richard Bumpus        216          Ryan Huls        207               
Charles Bailey        213                                
Doyle Martin          203
Custom Class
Charles Bailey        229          Hunter McGuire   223
Billy McGuire         222          Taylor Frazier   214
Doyle Martin          215          Ryan Huls        210
Unlimited Class
Eugene Crawford       229          Hunter McGuire   235
Mike Hutchins         223          Ryan Huls        221
Steve Kullback        222          Emily Hogg       219

The Overall High Score this month went to 10 year old Hunter McGuire-this young man is quickly becoming the one to try to outshoot each month! The cash pots went to Charles Bailey-2 pots, and Mike Hutchins. The Aggregate Score trophy was won by Charles Bailey with a combined score of 659. Mike held a Black Death Round while we were totaling our scores and Billy McGuire won with a 28. He won a $45.00 pot this month. This months door prizes were won by Mitch, Jay Judge, Taylor Frazier, Richard Bumpus, Hunter and Billy McGuire. We forgot to give away the $20.00 Gift Certificates to Bills Gun Trader! So next month we will give away 4 gift certificates instead of 2. The next match will be August 11, until then keep it in the ten.

Rusty Hogg

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
August Match Report

We had a good shoot this month.  We had 16 shooters who shot 32 targets.  It ws pretty hot but the big fan helped a lot.  The wind was light but still seemed to swirl and cause some interesting shooting.  No one shot Plinker Class this month, most everyone shot Custom and Unlimited.

Sporter Class                       Jr.
Charles Bailey    223               Ryan Huls        206
Richard Bumpus    208
Doyle Martin      204
Custom Class
Charles Bailey    237               Hunter McGuire   228
Doyle Martin      234               Mitchell Hogg    218
Eugene Crawford   234               Ryan Huls        214
Unlimited Class
Charles Bailey    234               Mitchell Hogg    213
Carl Ferguson     233               Hunter McGuire   212
Clayton Smith     231  3-x          Ryan Huls        211
Eugene Crawford   231  1-x

Charles Bailey won the Aggrate score with a 694. For those of you who don't know what what the aggragate total is, its the total of Sporter, Custom and Unlimited Class. Charles shot an impressive 694 out of a possible 750 with 2 different guns. He shot the overall high score of 237. I would say Charles was on top of his game yesterday. He also won all the money pots, if any one needs to borrow some money see Charles. We shot two fun shoots while Amanda totalled up the results. Kole Smith won the Speed shoot and Mike Hutchins won the Blackdeath. There will be a workday to run electricity to the RV spots, the 22 cal Benchrest range and the front gate. It will be August 25 all the help we can get will be greatly appreciated. The next match will be Sept. 8 . There are only 2 more matches left in this years season, some of the Classes are real close, it looks like the overalls will go down to the last shoot again this year. For myself there is always next year. At least we are having fun right. Remember, keep it in the 10.


Emerald Empire Gun Club USBR Report
August Match Report

After a one month hiatus to let the ARA director have a club championship match "As The Powder Burns" returns! In an unusal turn of events for our competitors it didn't rain! Oh sure the weather man predicted showers for the evening but all day was to be dry. This unusual situation was not without it's difficulties as the transitional period during which the weather front moved into the area brought with it some strange wind conditions. In fact the Omni Directional Wind Indicating Device (that would be the bubble machine for those who have been following along) showed that the wind currents were changing so fast that one of the competitors complained of whiplash trying to follow their path. As a result scores were well below average and were the subject of much discussion. The match director briefly considered a formula to apply to the scores that averages them out with consideration to weather conditions, time of year, earth rotation and planetary alignment but it was rejected as it might bring copyright violation claims from ARA with respect to the formula used to determine their rankings.

Larry Bock was once again visiting his son Ben and came out to shoot with us again, last time Ben let him use his best guns and he did rather well, Ben didn't make that mistake this time. The Match Director brought out Mrs. Match

Directors newly built 40X to test in the unlimited class, it appears to be a shooter and could upset the balance of power if Mrs. Match Director ever comes out to shoot it.

The overall aggregate came down to X count and Charlie Hawkins had more of them, good shooting.

Next month there will be no USBR as we will be having the Oregon State ARA contest, we will return Oct. 20th.

                  Sporter    Custom     Unlimited    Agg.
 Dennis DiFeo     217 1X     237 2X     240 4X       694 7X
 Charlie Hawkins  221 1X     235 4X     238 4X       694 9X
 Ben Bock         197        239 2X     238 4X       574 7X
 Jerry Snider                238 4X     234 5X
 Larry Bock       126 2X     232 5X     236 3X       594 10X

Dennis DiFeo Match Director

Buckcreek Gun Club
July Center Fire Match Report

   30 cal
1. Danny Hensley     249-11x  * New USBR Record

2. Bob Poindexter    247-5x

3. John Thomas       246-13x

4. Lee  Bullock      245-10x

5. Jackie Stogsdill  244-12x

6. Bill Goddard      242-3x

   6 mm

1. Jason Garrett     248-9x  * New USBR Record

2. Shawn Harris      243-4x

3. Moses Fugate      236-2x

4. Terry Moore       228-3x

5. George Coleman    206-1x

George Coleman - Match Director

Buckcreek Gun Club
August Center Fire Match Report

   30 cal
1. Danny Hensley     249-17x  * New USBR Record

2. Moses Fugate      246-8x

3. Jim Campbell      244-9x

4. Terry Moore       243-5x

5. Jerry Nettles     243-5x

6. Jackie Stogsdill  242-6x

7. Lee Bullock       234-6x

8. Shawn Harris      231-4x

   6 mm

1. Anthony Livesay   229-2x


1. Tom Nikitas       201-0x

2. Donnie Harbor     182-0x

3. Curtis Angel      179-0x  Factory 30 cal.

George Coleman - Match Director

Braxton County Gun Owners Association
Nationals Center Fire Match Report


1. Lee Lee Rose    236 1x

2. Dale Lynch      232 5x

3. Steve Sartin    229 5x

4. Mike Hibbs      228 5x

5. Johnny Johnson  226 4x

6. John Thomas     225 4x

7. Randy Courney   221 3x


1. John Thomas     246 13x

2. Randy Gibson    242 7x

3. Ashley Carr     237 7x


1. L W Moore       233 3x

2. John Eason      212 2x

L W Moore - Match Director

Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
September Match Report

We had a good shoot this month, not too hot but pretty warm. We had 12 shooters who shot 27 targets. The scores this month were pretty high. We had a slight breeze some of the time. This new range really shows itself off when there is no wind, with the good benches and stools. Here're the results.

Plinker Class                           Jrs
Jay Judge           216             
Richard Bumpus      178
Sporter Class
Doyle Martin        215                 Mitchell Hogg   212
Richard Bumpus      211
Jay Judge           205
Custom Class
Richard Bumpus      238                 Mitch Hogg      190
Charles Bailey      236                      
Eugene Crawford     228  12-10s
Cecil Brewer        228   9-10s
Unlimited Class
Richard Bumpus      239                 Mitch Hogg      226
Richard Adams       236
Rusty Hogg          232   2-Xs
Charles Bailey      232   0-Xs
Richard Bumpus      688

We are down to the final match of the season next month. Its on Sat. October 13, we will have Hamburgers again this year after the final relay, when we present the awards for the Oct. match and the Overalls for the year. Its coming down to the last match again this year in the Custom and Unlimited Classes with only a few points seperating the leaders after 8 matches. Attendence was down a little this month, be sure and make this last one- it'll be Feb. before we have another one.

Remember keep it in the 10.
Rusty Hogg