October 2005

Postal Match # 30 Bulletin

1.             Title of Match:                                   International Postal Club Match # 30/10A

2.             Dates of Match:                                 Registration opened on July 15, 2005 and closed on August 19, 2005.  All targets

                                                                                had to be postmarked by midnight on September 16, 2005.

3.             Match Results:                                   [Match / Division / Class / Place / Name / Country / Rifle / Score]

.22 Cal. Rimfire


Master Class

1ST                                        MIKE HILL, USA (YOUNG CUSTOM 22/ Lilja BBL) - 244-4X

2ND                                       JEANNA LAW, USA (SUHL 150) - 240-3X


Master Class

1ST                                           EDWARD HILL, USA (YOUNG CUSTOM 22 / Lilja BBL) - 249-5X

2ND                                         MICKEY LAW, USA (SUHL 150) - 243-4X

Expert Class

1ST                                           LEONARD WORTHY, JR., USA (REM 40X/Lilja BBL) - 238-6X

2ND                                         STEVEN BEISER, USA (KIMBER 22-G) - 238-4X

Sharpshooter Class

1ST                                           JIM SHARP, USA (REM 40X/Lilja BBL) - 225-2X

2ND                                         GLENN POUND, USA (1985 ANS-64(S) - 223-4X

Novice Class

1ST                                           WAYNE HUTCHISON, USA (SAVAGE-MK-II) - 200-1X

Plinker Class

1ST                                           STEVEN BEISER, USA (ATM 22/25) - 212

2ND                                         GLENN POUND, USA (SAVAGE-MK-II FV) - 194

4.                   Match Conditions & Comments:

Congratulations to Mike and Ed Hill and to Jeanna and Mickey Law on their Master scores!  It is our hope that adding air power to the mix will re-spark interest in the postal club.

Signed: Steven E. Beiser, USBR - IRPM Club Director

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