July 1, 2004


Match Bulletin


1.         Title of Matches:     USBR Postal Club International .22 Cal. Rimfire Postal Match # 25

                                                   USBR Postal Club International .17 Cal. Rimfire Postal Match # 5A


2.         Dates for Matches:  For both matches… registration opened on April 16 and closed on May 21 with all

                                                    entered targets to be postmarked no later than June 18, 2004.


3.         Match Results: [Match Number - Division - Class - Place – Name – Country – Rifle - Score]

Match # 24 (.22 Cal. Rimfire)

Junior Division


Master Class:

1ST       JEANNA LAW, USA (TURBO)                                                                243-4X


Expert Class:

     1ST       MIKE HILL, USA (RUGER 10/22)                                                             234-4X


Novice Class:

            1ST       MARIAH GAGE, USA (SAVAGE MARK II)                                             178



Senior Division


Master Class:

1ST       JOSEPH FRIEDRICH, USA (HALL/MEYERS)                                      247-3X

2ND      ROBERT WALLING, USA (ANSCH-54)                                                 246-13X

3RD      EDWARD HILL, USA (KIMBER 82)                                                         241-3X

4TH      ROBERT CRADDOCK, USA (ANSCH)                                                   241-1X

5TH      DAVID WEIER, USA (SAKO)                                                                    240-3X


Expert Class:

1ST       MICKEY LAW, USA (TURBO)                                                                   237-3X

2ND      STEVEN BEISER, USA (KIMBER 82G)                                                    236-2X

3RD      JOHN PETTERUTI, USA (KIMBER SUT)                                                234-2X

4TH      KENNETH McDANIEL, USA (ANSCH-54)                                           234-1X

5TH      KEN HARPER, USA (KELBY/STOLLE)                                                  233-1X

6TH      MARK THOMPSON, USA (REM-541-T)                                                232-2X

7TH      MAURIZIO CAMERLENGO, ITALY (ANSCH-54)                             231-6X

8TH      DEE BROWN, USA (REM MODEL-37)                                                   231


Sharpshooter Class:

            1ST       SCOTTY HEBERT, USA (HALL)                                                                 229

2ND      RICKY (PAUL) INGRAM, USA (TIME)                                                226-2X

3RD      GEORGE YOVANOVICH, USA (KIMBER 82G)                                 216


Marksman Class:

1st        JOHN READ, USA (REM-MOD 37)                                                       210-1X


Plinker Class:

1ST       RICKY (PAUL) INGRAM, USA (CZ-452)                                            226-2X

2ND      STEVEN BEISER, USA (ATM 22/25)                                                    226

3RD      MARK THOMPSON, USA (RUGER 10/22)                                        222-2X

4TH      DAVID WEIER, USA (SAVAGE MK II)                                                192


Match # 5A (.17 Cal. Rimfire)

Senior Division


1ST       ROBERT WALLING, USA (ANSCH-54/LILJA BR)                  239-1X

2ND      GEORGE YOVANOVICH, USA (MARLIN-17)                         230-4X

3RD      STEVEN BEISER, USA (RUGER 77/17)                                       225-2X

4TH      JOSEPH FRIEDRICH, USA (MARLIN-17)                                  224-4X

5TH      MARK THOMPSON, USA (RUGER 77/17)                               200-2X


4.               Match Conditions & Comments:

             I believe that the rainy weather remained a factor for Match # 25 as we had 9 shooters who did not return their targets for scoring.  This is the highest number since I’ve been match director.


Congratulations to Match 5A’s TOP shooter, Master Bob Walling!  Bob’s first place score of 239-1X will replace his current USBR Postal Club Record Score of 235-2X. GREAT shooting Bob!!!!!  It will be posted soon @ http://usbr.benchrest.net/usbr_rec.htm; the USBR web page that lists all current Postal Club Record Scores.


Congratulations to Match 25’s TOP shooter, Master Shooter Joseph Friedrich!  Joe will be getting the gratuitous target for Match # 26.


Also a BIG round of Congratulations to our growing list of Masters - - Jenna Law (Junior Division) and to Senior Division Masters: Bob Walling, Ed Hill, Bob Craddock, & Dave Weier!  I can ONLY dream… someday I’ll break that 239 mark and shoot a 240 Master target.   And a special note and Congratulations to: Ricky Ingram who has tied the current Postal Match Plinker Class Record held by John Picher (226-2X) that was shot in PM#10!


               Match #26/6A will open on July 23, 2004.


Signed: Steven E. Beiser, USBR - IRPM Club Director


Attention all competitors… PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TARGET REGISTRATION TAGS FOR PLINKER CLASS MATCHES WILL BE MARKED AS FOLLOWS:  Match # XX – P (with the XX being the match number - Match # 26-P)

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