April 2004


Amended Match Bulletin


1.         Title of Matches:     USBR Postal Club International .22 Cal. Rimfire Postal Match # 24

                                                  USBR Postal Club International .17 Cal. Rimfire Postal Match # 4A


2.         Dates for Matches:  For both matches… registration opened on January 16 and closed on February 20 with all

                                                    entered targets to be postmarked no later than March 19, 2004.


3.         Match Results: [Match Number - Division - Class - Place – Name – Country – Rifle - Score]

Match # 24 (.22 Cal. Rimfire)

Junior Division


Expert Class:

     1ST       MIKE HILL, USA (RUGER 10/22)                                                           236-3X

            2ND          JEANNA LAW, USA (TURBO)                                                                236


Marksman Class:

            1st        MARIAH GAGE, USA (SAVAGE MARK II)                                          217-1X


Senior Division


Master Class:

1ST       ROBERT WALLING, USA (ANSCH-54)                                                  241-3X

2nd       KENNETH McDANIEL, USA (T/C CONTENDER)                             240-1X


Expert Class:

1ST       RICKY (PAUL) INGRAM, USA (TIME)                                                    239-2X

2ND      MAURIZIO CAMERLENGO, ITALY (ANSCH-54)                               238-5X

3RD      STEVEN BEISER, USA (KIMBER 82G)                                                      238-4X

4TH      DEE BROWN, USA (REM MODEL-37)                                                     237-1X

5TH      MICKEY LAW, USA (TURBO)                                                                    235-1X


Sharpshooter Class:

1ST            EDWARD HILL, USA (KIMBER 82)                                                        228-1X


2ND      BUTCH KIMBALL, USA (SAKO)                                                                221-2X


Marksman Class:

1st        JOHN PETTERUTI, USA (KIMBER SUT)                                                   216


Novice Class:

1ST       GARY KITSON, USA (SAVAGE MARK II)                                               201-3X

2ND      JONI-LYNN KITSON, USA (SAKO)                                                           183


Plinker Class:

1ST       STEVEN BEISER, USA (ATM 22/25)                                                          222-1X


Match # 4A (.17 Cal. Rimfire)

Senior Division


1ST       JOHN PETTERUTI, USA (RUGER 77/17)                                                  218-2X

2ND      SERGIO GUZMAN, USA (SAVAGE 93R17)                                             186

3RD      NANCY GUZMAN, USA (SAVAGE 93R17)                                              171


4.               Match Conditions & Comments:

Attention All Competitors… received a target from Maurizio in Italy in Tuesday’s mail; it was properly postmarked for match #24 and for some reason, held by our postal service and not delivered until 14 April 2004.  In the spirit of fair play and competitive spirit, I’ve added Maurizio’s score to this bulletin.  Please join me in a BIG WELCOME BACK to Maurizio!

EVERYONE who turned in their target with a note said… the WEATHER made Match 24 a REAL challenge!  Conditions seemed even more challenging then what most of us shoot in for Match 23.


Congratulations to Match 24’s TOP shooter, Master Shooter Bob Walling!


And a BIG Congratulations to our newest Master, Ken McDaniel!  Ken shot his first Master Class postal match with his T/C Contender; good shooting KEN!


               I apologize for the late posting of the bulletin; I’ve been laid up with a very bad staff infection since April 1st.


               Match #25/5A will open on April 16, 2004.


Signed: Steven E. Beiser, USBR - IRPM Club Director


Attention all competitors… Postal Match Bulletin #24 has been amended!

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