International Rimfire Postal Match Results
.22 Cal. Match # 22 & .17 Cal. Match # 2A

Match Results: [Match Number - Division - Class - Place - Name - Country - Rifle - Score]

Match # 22 (.22 Cal. Rimfire)

Junior Division
Master Class:
1st  JEANNA LAW, USA (SUHL 150)                           243-4X
Sharpshooter Class:
1st  MIKE HILL, USA (RUGER 10/22)                         220-2X
Novice Class:
1st  MARIAH GAGE, USA (SAVAGE MARK II)                    207-1X
Senior Division
Master Class:
1st  AL HADFIELD, USA (TURBO/CALFEE)                      247-4X
2nd  JOSEPH FRIEDRICH, USA (HALL/MESSER)                  242-5X
4th  PENNY HADFIELD, USA (TURBO/CALFEE)                   240-5X
5th  JOHN CLOEPFIL, USA (REM 40-X)                        240-2X
Expert Class:
1st  ROBERT WALLING, USA (ANSCH 54/Border/Hongisto)       239-3X
2nd  MICKEY LAW, USA (SUHL 150)                           239-2X
3rd  MICHAEL HANSEN, USA (WIN 52C) - T-2                  238-3X 
4th  EDWARD HILL, USA (KIMBER 82)                         232-3X
5th  STEVEN BEISER, USA (REM 541-T HB)                    230-1X
Sharpshooter Class:
1st  GARY KITSON, USA (SAVAGE MARK II}                    228-2X
2nd  MICHAEL HANSEN, USA (CZ-452) T-1                     227-4X
3rd  KENNETH McDANIEL, USA (T/C CONTENDER)                227-1X
4th  JOHNNY FRIEDRICH, USA (REM 40-X)                     225-3X
5th  BUTCH KIMBALL, USA (SAKO)                            224-3X
6th  DAVID WEIER, USA (ANSCHUTZ 54)                       223-3X
8th  JONI-LYNN KITSON, USA (SAKO)                         221-1X
9th  GEORGE YOVANOVICH, USA (REM 541-T HB)                219-2X
10th MARK THOMPSON, USA      (REM 541-T HB)               218-2X
Marksman Class:
1st  ROBERT KITSON, USA (SAVAGE MARK II)                  212-1X
2nd  MAURIZIO CAMERLENGO, ITALY (ANSCHUTZ 54)             211-6X
Novice Class:
1st  WILLIAM MILLER, USA (BSA MARK III) T-1               209-1X 
Plinker Class:
1st  STEVEN BEISER, USA (Ruger 10/22)                     218-1X
2nd  DAVID WEIER, USA (Ruger 10/22)                       191
Match # 2A (.17 Cal. Rimfire)
Senior Division
1st  ROBERT WALLING, USA (ANSCHUTZ 54/Lilja Barrel/Davis) 235-2X (Expert)
2nd  MARK THOMPSON, USA (Ruger 77/17)                     231-2X (Expert)
3rd  STEVEN BEISER, USA (Ruger 77/17)                     229-2X (Sharpshooter)
4th  GEORGE YOVANOVICH, USA (Marlin 17V-HB)               217    (Marksman)
5th  JOHN PETTERUTI, USA (SAVAGE MODEL 93R 17)            203-2X (Novice)

Congratulations to both Jeanna Law and Al Hadfield! Each has shot two Master Class matches in a row plus both are leading their respective Divisions as the TOP-SHOOTER!

Al will again be shooting a "gratis" target in Match # 23 as the overall "TOP-SHOOTER" in Match 22!

Signed: Steven E. Beiser, Postal Match Director

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