International Rimfire Postal Match Results
.22 Cal. Match # 21 & .17 Cal. Match # 1A

Match #21 (.22 rimfire)

Jeanna Law, USA                  243-5X (*)

Terra Moore, USA                 232-5X (*)

Mariah Gage, USA                 209-1X (*)

Congratulations to Jeanna Law for her outstanding Master score of 243-5X!  Jeanna will be receiving a special certificate for this special accomplishment!  Also, congratulations to Terra Moore for her 232-5X Expert score and to Mariah Gage for her 209-1X Novice score!  Great shooting girls!


Al Hadfield, USA                 245-9X (*)
Michael Hansen, USA              241-10X TG-2 (*)

Robert Walling, USA              236-4X (*)
David Weier, USA                 234-3X (*)
William Langfield, Jr., USA      234-2X 
Penny Hadfield, USA              233-3X
Mickey Law, USA                  232-4X
Gary Lemons, USA                 230-3X TG-2

Gary Lemons, USA                 228-5X TG-1 (*)
Joni-Lynn Kitson, USA            226-4X (*)
Steve Beiser, USA                224-3X 
Ashley Carr, USA                 222
Lawrence Moore, USA              221-3X
Larry Querin, USA                221-2X

Maurizio Camerlengo, ITALY       219-2X (*)
Michael Hansen, USA              217-3X TG-1 (*)
George Yovanovich, USA           216-2X
Mark Thompson, USA               216-2X
Robert Kitson, USA               216
Butch Kimball, USA               215-2X
Gary Beiser, USA                 212
Gary Kitson, USA                 209-2X (*)
Warren Brinker, USA              198-1X (*)
Volker Gebert, GERMANY           195-1X
John Merlino, USA                180
Mark Thompson, USA               210-2X (*)
Steve Beiser, USA                208-2X (*)
Gary Beiser, USA                 201-1X
Dave Weier, USA                  198-1X
Larry Querin, USA                184
George Yovanovich, USA           179
Bill Nehrenz, USA                162

Congratulations to Al Hadfield with his Master score of 245-9X! As the “IRPM top-shooter,” for Match #21, Al will be shooting a “gratis” target in Match # 22! Good shooting Al!

Match #1A (.17 rimfire)

John Petteruti, USA (Savage)     208-2X
Cliff Navgle, USA (Marlin)       207
Edward Hill, USA (Savage)        190-1X
Mark Thompson, USA (Ruger 77/17) 190
Steve Beiser, USA (Ruger 77/17)  185 TG-1
George Yovanovich, USA (Marlin)  184
Larry Querin, USA (Marlin)       182
Steve Beiser, USA (Marlin)       180 TG-2

Our first .17 cal. rimfire match is history… John Petteruti of Dayton Ohio placed first and he will receive a commemorative plaque honoring his winning of this the official first .17 cal. rimfire international postal match. Plus, each of the other participants will receive a commemorative certificate.

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