2003 Postal Club Album

John Cloepfil, SHENANDOAH, IA USA shooting his first rimfire postal match target. notice the nice block & concrete benches!

Witness B. Bengtson at John Cloepfil.s .home range..  Note John.s REM 40X with Weaver 36T scope and Bald Eagle rest with a Fuddham Micro-adjust top.  John had just shot a 240-2X Master score on his first postal match target!

After seeing John.s range, looks like we (Waverley Hunt Club, High Power Rifle Team) need to .trade-in. our varmint shooting portable benches, and sandbag style rest tops for some SERIOUS benchrest style benches and rest tops!

Some of Waverley.s Team members shooting the .17 cal. Match #1A off our portable varmint benches. (back to you) - George Yovanovich, LaGrange, OH USA, (with hat) -Larry Phillips, Wellington, OH USA and (plaid shirt) . Jesse Rangel, Lorain, OH USA.

The Hadfield.s (backyard) Home Range . from the right; Al, Penny and their coach Nettee.  After seeing their scores. think I.ll try and .hire. their coach away from them . Steve ; > ]

. a couple of nice guns AND SOME VERY GOOD SCORES!


Thanks to John, Al, and Penny for sending in the pictures!


- Steve, IRPM Club Director