18th USBR

MASTER                               PLINKER
Rick Oubre Jr        244-5x          Dale M. Steinbeck  221-3x
Paul Deslierrees     244-2x (Can)    Gene Davis         208-1x
Lawrence Moore       243-10x         Richard Kelley     196
Gil Canfield         243-8x          Dave Weier         144
Gene Davis           242-2x          George Yovanovich  129
Mike Hunter          241-8x          Robert Joy          57
Bob Walling          241-6x
Al Hadfield          240-3x          JUNIOR
Brian Law            240-1x          Jamie Mathais      239-3x
                                     Jeanna Law         231-3x
EXPERT                               Mariah Gage        201
Micky Law            239-3x
Mike Hansen          238-3x          We had a tight match in all classes.  Gil
Leonard Lindquist Jr 238-3x          Canfield really shot a great score, what a
Leonard Lindquist    237-4x          jump for him, from the Sharpshooter class
John Strahl          237-2x          to Master.  I appreciate all the returned
Jim Cartwright       235-3x          entry forms and I promise to include all
Rayne Motto Jr       233             equipment on the 19th match results.
Butch Kimball        232-3x
Jeff Ray             232-2x          The 19th match will be my last as
Mike Bailey          231-2x          Director.  I want all of you to know how
                                     much I have enjoyed running these
SHARPSHOOTER                         matches and I want to thank all of you for
Harry Tudor          227-3x          your continued support.
Penny Hadfield       227-2x
Peter Hoffman        227-1x (Aus)    Here is a photo of Jeanna Law, she is an
Martin Isterling     226-2x (Aus)    up and coming Junior that will be tearing
Steve Beiser         224-3x          up the Junior Class in the near future.  I
Mark Thompson        224-1x          know Mickey is proud of her.  Hey Mickey,
Robert Kitson        223-4x          how come she's so pretty?
                                                                -- Bob Walling
William Schmitt III  223-4x
Gary Kitson          223-2x
Steve Simmons        223-1x (Aus)

Larry Querin         219-1x
Maurizio Camerlengo  218-1x (Italy)
Dave Weier           214-1x
Gary Beiser          211-2x
Bob Dilley           210-1x

Maurizio Camerlengo  209-2x (Italy)
Warren Brinker       201-1x
Joni Kitson          197
Kate Dilley          187
Carren Arrington     182-1x
Jeri Hall            181-1x

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