17th USBR

Master, 240-250
Ray Price           246-6x
Del Martin          246-4x
Gary Mitchell       245-1x
Bob Walling         242-4x
Al Hadfield         240-3x

Expert, 230-239
Willis Leathers     238-4x (6)
Jim Foster          238-4x (7)
Warren Churchey     236-2x
Jeff Ray            235-4x
John Strahl         235-1x
Leonard Lindquist   235-0x
Les Unwin           232-2x AU
Ed Hill             231-2x
Mike Hansen         230-1x

Sharpshooter, 220-229
Penny Hadfield      229-3x
Mike Hansen         228-2x
Gene Davis          228-1x
Jim Dunbar          227-1x
Ray Mathers         226-1x AU
Dave Shattuck       226-1x
Gil Canfield        225-3x
Ron Lewis           222-2x
Rayne Motto         221-1x
Richard Oubre Jr.   220-2x

Marksman, 210-219
Butch Kimball       219-2x
Joni Kitson         216-2x
Gary Kitson         216-2x
Keith Adams         216-2x

Novice, 0-209
Gregg Gorthy        204-2x
Robert Kitson       204-0x
Maurizio Camerlengo 200-0x IT
Bob Dilley          193-0x
Kate Dilley         188-2x
Leo Hedger          187-1x
Ron Cross           184-0x
Careen Arrington    186-0x
Dennie Land         176-1x

Gregg Gorthy        202-1x
Dale M Steinbeck    198-2x
Gene Davis          198-0x
Del Martin          188-0x
Warren Brinker      176-0x
George Yovanovich   171-0x
Rob Joy             170-0x
Jim Krasnicki       167-0x
Richard Kelley      155-0x
Mark Thompson       148-0x

Jamie Mathias       244-6x
Jenna Law           239-3x
Jennifer Rowland    239-3x
Kaitlyn Rowland     237-7x
Matthew Johnson     230-2x
Jimmy Rowland       227-2x
Mike Hill           224-3x
Mariah Gage         164-0x

Mariah Gage:

This was a great match, especially for the Juniors. Jaime Mathias is still shooting better every match and set a new Postal Match Junior record with her 244-6x. I'm glad she is still shooting in the Junior Class, and I am not looking forward to her next birthday as much as the other Juniors probably are.

No entries from Thailand this time, but two new shooters from Australia. Les Unwin and his father-in-law, Ray Mathers. A new shooter from Italy, Maurizio Camerlengo. This was his first try at benchrest and he is already waiting for the next match.

I have to apologize to Joe Haller's buddies, as I blew getting them some targets. Anyone else want to do this? Maybe I am getting too old. I know I ain't organized, for sure! I'm sending a picture of a dedicated benchrester from the North country, Ed Hill. He must really love to shoot.

I look forward to seeing your scores and reading your comments. Prey for our country and our leaders.

-- Bob & Smokey

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