Master 240 - 250

Gary T. Mitchell   248 5X  Suhl 150 Factory BBL. Weaver 36X Eley  10X

Hoke Kerns         245 3X

Bob Walling        243 5X  Suhl 150 Factory BBL. Leupold 36X Eley 10X

Richard Hidlebaugh 240 6X

Expert 230 - 239

Del Martin         238 3X  Rem. 40X Factory BBL. 8x32 X Burris Eley 10X

Paul Deslierres    237 5X  - CAN.

Peter Wass         236 1X

Lon Morgan         234 5X

Guy Coro           234 1X

Janis Crotts       232 4X  Brno #4 Shilen BBL.

Somsak P.          230 4X  CZ/Douglas Leupold 12X Tenex- Thailand*

Sharon Willis      230 2X

Sharpshooter 220 - 229

Len Scroop         228 3X  - Aus.

Willis Leathers    228 2X  Ans. 1411 Factory BBL. Weaver 36X

Gene Davis         227 2X  Suhl 150 Factory BBL. Leupold 36X Lapua

John Picher        226 3X

Pornthip A.        225 4X  Ans. 2007 Fac. Leupold 24X Club Extra - Thailand*

Mike Sibbald       222 3X  Ans. 1413 Factory Lyman 20X RWS Target

David Cox          222 2X  BSA MK ll HB Lyman Sup. Tgt. Spt. Rem. Target

Wiratn S.          222 0X  Ans.2013 Fac. Leup. 6-18X Fed UM1- Thailand*

P. Hoffman         221 0X  - Aus.

Kamthorn R.        220 3X  Ans. 5418 Fac. B&L 6-24X  Club Extra - Thailand*

Jerry Willis       220 1X

Marksman 210 - 219

Sompong S.         219 3X  Ans. 5418 Fac. B&L 6-24X - Thailand*

Winal N.           219 1X  Ans. 2013 Fac. B&L 36X Club Extra - Thailand*

Carolyn Ward       219 0X  Ruger 10-22 Gun Parts BBL. BSA ? CCI Pistol match

Jim Crotts         218 1X  Brno  #4 Shilen BBL.

Chalermkiat L.     218 1X  CZ 452 Fac. B&L 6-24X Club Extra - Thailand*

Warintra S.        218 1X  Ans. 2013 Fac. Leupold 6-18X Fed. UM1 - Thailand*

Rob Haller         217 2X  Ans. Fac. BBL. Win T22

Gil Canfield       216 1X

Sompong S.         214 2X  CZ456 Fac. Bushnell 6-18X Club Extra - Thailand*

Robert Ward        213 0X  Ruger 10-22 Gun parts BBL. BSA ? CCI Pistol match

Busaba K.          212 2X  CZ 456 Fac. Bushnell 6-18X Club Extra - Thailand*

Pornthip A.        212 2X  Ans.2007 Leupold 24X Club Extra - Thailand*

Panisuan J.        211 0X  CZ 452 Fac. Leupold 4.5-14X Club Extra -


Novice 000 - 209

Ron Cross          207 0X  Rem ? Fac. BBL. CCI Std.

Harry Tudor        207 0X

Joe Haller         206 1X  CZ452 Fac. BSA 6-24X Eley Blk. Bx.

Ed Hill            206 1X

Butch kimbal       202 1X

Amnaj R.           200 0X  CZ 452 Fac. Leupold 24X Club Extra - Thailand*

Leo D. Hedger      199 0X  Ruger 10-22 A/B BBL. BSA 36X CCI pistol Match

Larry Spencer      196 0X  TC Cont. 14" Match Tasco 4x32 RWS R100 Silh.

Fred Gregg         196 0X  Brn. 52B Fac. BBL. Leup. 3 x 9 RF CCI Std.

Andy Canfield      194 0X

Richard Selway     192 2X  Ruger 77-22 Fac. BSA 6-24X CCI Std.

Anne Merchant      186 0X

Mark Vink          184 0X  Ruger 10-22 HB Fac. Leup. 8 x 25 RWS Target

Mark Canfield      175 0X

Leon Weidman       144 1X  Marlin 25N Fac. Burris 4 x 12 AO CCI

Nancy Canfield     144 0X


John Picher        226 2X

Del Martin         218 1X


Mike Hill          213 0X

Chris Haller       208 1X  Ans. Fac.BBL. Win T22

Morgan Kidwell     178 0X

Thomas Canfield    169 0X

Dylan Kidwell      164 0X

59 Targets returned. Down some from the last two matches, weather and hunting has played a part in this.

This match marked our second year. You have all been great and I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves. Now that we are going into our third year I would like to propose a suggestion concerning our awards. I know that not all of you have seen the plaques that are given. I now order them from Ron Hoehn. I have been giving a plaque on a ratio of one to every four shooters in a class. I would like to propose giving one to every five shooters in a class. One thought was this. Take the extra entry money and award a rifle to the high Junior shooter for the year. Plaques average about $13. depending how many entries we have in the next year, we might be able to come up with a pretty nice rifle. Comments from Postal match shooters only please.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The next match will open after the 1st of the year. I'm taking a vacation this year, first in 5 years, and Smokey and I are going to spend Christmas with some of our grand kids. May you all have a great Christmas and Good Fortune in the New Year. As my internet friend tell me, "Plumb 'em All".
Bob and Smokey

*All Thailand targets were shot at 50 Meters

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