October 31, 1998

Tom Guerin--WA--             249/13X    1st ***

Anschutz 1411, factory brl,Nightforce 12-42X,FED UM1

Mark Youngberg-IA-           248/17X    2nd ***

Win 52e INTER.,Kenyon trigger,Fed. 900B

Mike Bailey-OR-              248/14X    3rd ***

Anschutz 54-1411,Fed 1000B, Unertl 24X

Gary Mitchell-GA-            248/11X    4rd ***

Suhl, Lapua L, Weav.T36X

Ron Bradley-GA-              246/14X    5th ***

Suhl,Lapua MidasL,Weav.T-36X

Rick Smith---IL---           245/10X

Anschutz 54, factory barrel ,Hoehn 4000 Tuner, Federal 900B

Fritz Mccorkle-IN---         245/9X

Paul Deslierres-Que. Canada- 244/14X

Anschutz 1911,R50,Tasco 8x32

Sharon Willis-LA-            242/13X TOP LADY (CAN SHOOT)

Win 52D,Unertl 15X,Lapua Club        

Leo Suhre---IL---            242/2X

Walther, Federal Match B

Mats Johannson-Sweden-       241/10X

Buddy Carter-LA-             240/6X

Win 52B, FED 900A-Husband of Lady Shooter(LUCKY GUY)

Gene Davis-OH-               239/6X

Anschutz 5418MS,Leu. 36X,Lapua Midas L

Brett Lopez-OR--             237/10X TOP JUNIOR SHOOTER

Rem 541-t HB--Lapua L, leu. 36X

Jerry Willis-LA-             237/8X

Rem 541 Douglas BRL,Fed1000B.Leu 24X

Bob Walling-OR-              235/5X

REM 541-THB,Lapua L, Leu.36X

Tobias Levisson-Sweden-      235/3X

Larry Copas-MO-              233/7X

Sako Finnfire Sporter,Leu.24X,Eley BRG

L.C. Walling-OR-             233/6X

SAKO P94SHB,FED 900B (where did that hole come from?) 

Mike Hazdra-IL-              232/6X

Win 52B,Fed UM1

Richard Roland-LA-           227/8X

Ruger 10/22 Shilen brl,lapua club,Leu. 36X

Ralph Peifer-IL---           227/4X

Suhl-----Lapua M

Joe Haller--MI--             227/2X

Rem 541-T Weaver 6X,  RWSR50

Cory Waters--OR--            224/5X  Junior Shooter

REM 541-T  HB,Lapua L, Leu 36X

David Epperson-AR-           221/3X

Stock Glenfield MOD 25,Sim. 4X,Fed Gold Medal

Dixie Carter-LA-             221/3X Lady Shooter

Win 52B,Fed. 900A

Tom is the POSTAL MATCH WINNER!!! I will have the plaque prepared with his name and score and try to get it photographed on disc so that you all can see it in the email!! Congrats TOM!!!

(I think you guys should all contact Tom about some of his USBR targets, they are tougher than IR-50 and if his shooting is any way to judge his targets then I will shoot USBR only from now on!!!)

I would like to thank very one for their patience as I stumbled my way though this match! All of you have shown great kindness, friendship, and most of all sportsmanship in helping this match come together. I am proud to say that I have "met" you all and have enjoyed the company, not a day has passed that, at least one of you , has not been involved in my houghts! Many a boring day at work has been high-lighted by your calls and emails. I have been like a kid waitting for his new comic book to come in the mail, waiting for your targets to come! I wish I could meet you all !!

Rick Smith

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